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Did Your Charity Actually Cost You?

Did Your Charity Actually Cost You?

Despite the photo being on our fridge for months, it suddenly caught my attention. Stopped in my tracks, it was as if I was seeing the two photos – a picture of our World Vision sponsored child and pictures of our twin boys – for the very first time. Continue reading

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Domestica is a baby-weight survivor who believes in eating clean, training dirty, and proving to women around the world that having a baby doesn't mean you're confined to a one-piece skirted swimsuit and elastic pants for the rest of your life.

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What a blessing to cook, serve and honor the incredible people working hard to reclaim their lives, families, and futures at Teen Challenge (a Christian alcohol and drug rehab program). Not one cent comes from state funding and yet they are changing lives and legacies! Wow. Our church community group was so honored to be a part of their Thanksgiving (for some of them, the first sober holiday they've had in a long time). Listening to Capital Kings and the lyrics reminded me yet again of how we Christians should respond to the refugee crisis.

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