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Boys and Their Trucks: Monster Jam Does it Again!

Boys and Their Trucks: Monster Jam Does it Again!

Rednecks, beer, and kids staying up past their bedtime. What could possibly go wrong?! Continue reading

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Domestica is a baby-weight survivor who believes in eating clean, training dirty, and proving to women around the world that having a baby doesn't mean you're confined to a one-piece skirted swimsuit and elastic pants for the rest of your life.

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So you're just "big boned"? No, you're really not. I lived my whole teenage and young adult life believing a lie that I was "curvy" only to discover that I can be a size 2 just like anyone else can. Genetics is just a teeny tiny part of the equation. #itsyouversesyou Get ready!! This field isn't going to look like this for long! #monsterjam

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