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Mantras & Mags: Two Resources Domestica Uses Most

Whether you check out health books from your public library or buy your favorite fitness magazine every month, filling your mind with health-related knowledge is a great way to drastically change your mindset and immediately change your life.

Conventional diets restrict calories for a set period of time and then find most people going back to their usual habits as soon as they reach their goal (if they were lucky enough to have even reached it). Re-educating ourselves on how we view food, physical activity, and our emotions is all part of making sure that weight loss lasts for life. Acknowledging our bad habits and swapping them for healthier ones means we’ll never see those fat pants again. Phew!

In my journey to getting fit, there have been a few resources that have tremendously helped educate me on how to train, eat, and be well.  Oxygen Magazine is dedicated to helping women get lean and mean while Vegetarian Times offers recipes and tips on eating more plant-based foods — and we all know how I feel about those two topics! My life outlook goes a little something like this:

Lift heavy, train hard.

More plants, less meat.

Simple, right?!

If you want to learn more about these life-changing principals, this is the best deal I’ve seen on two of my favorite publications. $20 for an entire year of BOTH!

Sure, ignorance is bliss — but only if you enjoy being overweight and sick. Education brings empowerment and empowerment brings CHANGE.  Are you ready for it?

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

PS. I’m sorry to my Canadian and International readers — this offer is only valid in the US.  US peeps, you have until March 1 — don’t miss it!


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