This Was No Blind Side

If asked who my favorite actor is, I always feel like I should respond with something cultured.  Perhaps Morgan Freeman or Ian McKellen. Judi Dench or Meryl Streep. But if we’re being honest here, I’ll say it flat out.

Sandra Bullock. Hands down. (Followed by a close, and excruciatingly embarrassing, second of Jennifer Lopez…but let’s not talk about that).

Rom-com specials and all, I love this girl. I think her marriage to bad boy Jesse James makes her even more real, not that it really matters what her personal life is like, but it adds to her charm.

So it comes as no surprise that I jumped at the chance to see Bullock’s latest film, The Blind Side.  Bullock portrays the true life character of Leigh Anne Tuohy, a southern belle living a charmed life on the “right” side of town who takes in a homeless and traumatized black boy.

The movie was inspirational, moving and for the most part, well directed. I loved that it was based on a true story (of NFL’er Michael Oher) and after spending two hours getting in the heart and home of the Tuohys, the real family pictures during the credits were especially warming.

So right up there with The Lakehouse and Premonition, The Blind Side will take top spot in my favourite Sandra Bullock movies. So go and watch the feel-good movie The Blind Side — it’s just one more chance to prove that Sandy never does ya wrong.

2 thoughts on “This Was No Blind Side

  1. zena says:

    i agree she is pretty fantastic… BUT never does me wrong… The Proposal was a pretty ridiculously horrible movie. But I will say this, Bullock and Reynolds carried the movie and made it tolerable with their ability and talent, though the writing/directing and everything else made it a waste of $10.

    But I haven’t seen the Blind Side its supposed to be unreal.

    • Natasha says:

      I totally agree – I enjoyed The Proposal because both of the actors are fantastic…but it was heavy on the cheese. Too bad because the story line is great! Now go see Blind Side!

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