Ingredient of the Month: Okra

After a deliciously tasty Indian meal at a new friend’s house, Tim and I decided that we must start making more Indian food. Nevermind the fact that Nandita is authentically Indian and she slaved away for two days to make this incredibly elaborate Indian meal for us — somehow in my warped reality, I will be able to recreate the beauty that was her five-course menu in my own (totally white) kitchen.

To start, we go to the source. Read: we beg Nandita to let us hover over her as she shops at the local Indian stores while simultaneously putting every item she picks up into our own basket, despite the fact that we have absolutely no clue what a dal moth really is or how one might cook with it.

One such ingredient was fresh okra. Let’s just get one thing straight — I eat my vegetables, but I don’t fawn over my vegetables. In fact, I have a tendency to go overboard on the entree only to realize that my plate is lacking side dishes altogether. But when Nandita grabbed okra, well, I grabbed okra.

So tonight, as a side dish to a completely Americanized tortellini cream pasta entree, I made Easy Indian Style Okra.

As I prepared this dish, I found myself constantly washing my hands because as I cut through the okra, this icky slime would coat my knife and fingers. We’re not talking juicy slime but real-live horror movie kinda slime.  Thankfully, when we sampled the finished dish, there was no slime to be seen (or tasted!) and it was amazingly delicious.

Girls, hear me out on this. Nothing says “honey, I’ve been slaving away in the kitchen for you all afternoon” like a quick fry up of butter and onions in a pan right before he walks in the door (thanks mom!). But when you throw in some exotic vegetable with the aroma of Indian spices, you graduate from slaving away all afternoon to him thinking that you must be consumed all day by the thoughts of what to make your beloved for dinner.

Random Fact: Okra is reported to contain the male contraceptive gossypol.

(you’re going to need it once he tastes your okra)

So this month, find some okra and give it a whirl.  There are plenty of online recipes that use okra as a main ingredient, or you can try my yummy side dish.  And please comment on any dishes you do try!

Bon Appetit!  Or, in Hindi, स्वादिष्ट खाना !

(Not that I’m entirely sure on that…I quite possibly just insulted your mother).

6 thoughts on “Ingredient of the Month: Okra

    • Natasha says:

      I didn’t realize it was expensive there but I guess that makes sense — the closest growers would be in the American south, right??

      A 1-lb bag was 2 francs here — which is $2 CDN…

  1. Michaela. says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure for about 6-7 pieces of okra it’s $2.50-3.50. Mind you that was in the winter…perhaps when they are in season they might be cheaper. Unless they are in season…then I suppose it’s a deal.

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