McMold: The McDonald’s Shelf-Life Experiment (Day 7)

While passing by a McDonald’s the other day, I witnessed a young woman popping a few golden french fries in her mouth and said to myself, “Oh, right. I have a few of those possibly molding in my basement“. So here we are. Day 7 update for the McMold Experiment.

McDonald’s Hamburger

The meat patty is spotless. No mold. No fuzz. Nothing.  Not so much as a chin hair growing on this cow flesh.

McMold Experiment: Day 7

The bun is showing some minor signs of aging with a few very small mold spots on the bottom half.

McMold Experiment: Day 7

McDonald’s French Fries

I can’t say I’m surprised by either of the above results but I was quite shocked to see a tiny speck of…errr…something…on one of the fries. Perhaps it’s just a beauty mark that was there all along but I don’t recall seeing any blemishes on these bad boys at the start. So for now, I’m classifying it as an “unidentified growth” and will report more in the next update.

McMold Experiment: Day 7

The Real Meal Deal

And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for — what does a “real” hamburger look like after sitting untouched in a breathable container?  Remember, I added the homemade burger as an afterthought to this experiment so technically, this is only Day 3 for the real thing.

McMold Experiment: Day 3 for Real Burger

I tried to take a photo of the burger patty by itself but the bun is actually stuck to the burger with God-knows-what. You could literally pick up the entire burger by the top and the whole thing stuck as if it were glued together. Yuck.  So Day 3 for the real burger and the fuzz is quickly conquering this poor unsuspecting patty into a green mold coma.

Right about now, I’m pretty sure he’s wishing he was made from a Mickey D’s cow. He’d have at least another 6 weeks to live.

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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