Kitchen Secrets For Your Sanity

Although I have a strong addiction to European espresso, I occasionally have a good cup of tea…especially when I’m feeling under the weather.  A time such as this came up last week. My sinus passages felt like someone was ramming a wrecking ball into them and my breathing was completely restricted to open-mouth breathing only.


I pulled out the nasty-tasting (but who can taste right now, anyway?) herbal tea that’s suppose to help reduce inflammation and I set out to make some steaming tea.  Even if I can’t taste it, a little bit of honey is always good for you so I pulled that out, too.

But in case I wasn’t frustrated enough with a nose that felt like someone had constructed a Hoover Dam inside, I opened the honey jar to find remnants of peanut butter, jam (of all varieties) and Nutella floating around aimlessly on the surface.

Oh no you didn’t.

But alas! I have a new jar of honey waiting in the cupboard below! A beautifully, untouched, sparkling jar of organic honey!

Without so much as one word (of nagging), I opened the unblemished jar and was welcomed by a glistening yellow surface, free from the marks of former knives, spoons, possibly fingers…you just never know when you have two little boy’s who make their own sandwiches.

So for the last week, I have secretly been using that virgin jar for tea, rice cakes, and any other purpose requiring gloriously, uncontaminated honey. And I’ll be honest, every time I open that jar it’s like having a little private party…like I’m some sort of Honey VIP.

So this week’s tip for your own mental health: get an extra jar of everything (honey, pb, jam, etc) and then hide them in a way that only mom’s can. And voila!  You’re one step towards stopping yourself from trying to convince the rest of the world that they should be as Type A as you are.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Secrets For Your Sanity

  1. Jake Carte says:

    Nice thing about having your own stash too: you can buy the extra fancy, primo stuff, and give the rest of the family the cheap stuff

    • Natasha says:

      Crap, I pulled that first photo from Flickr and forgot to get the URL for credits. Now I can’t find it!

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