Inbox Detox

The sun is out.

I live amidst beautiful parks and mountains.

I have twin boys with energy burn requirements of approximately 4,205 calories a day….times two.

Needless to say, I don’t spend a lot of time at my computer.

But when I do have a free moment to keep up with emails, there’s nothing worse than being presented with 37 new messages only to discover upon further inspection that 33 of those are impersonal crap.

It’s time for an Inbox Detox.

in-box de·tox

ɪnˌbɒks ditɒks/[in-boks dee-toks]
– noun
  1. Unsubscribing from any and all mass emailings that don’t better ones life in an effort to reduce the amount of time, brain power and attention-span spent on a computer.

It’s amazing to see what’s cluttering your inbox when you put it all on one list!  Over the past week, I have unsubscribed from:

Joe Style

I don’t have a Superstore in a 8,000 km radius of me but somehow I thought it was still fun to get their Canadian fashion emails.


Talk about mind-numbing uselessness.

Great resource to have when you’re working…not so necessary now.

Spruce Austin Blog

Fun if you like furniture refinishing. That you’ll never be good enough to ever do yourself.


Oh Etsy — you were a hard one. But when I realized that things like this and this were cluttering my inbox, well, it was time to say goodbye. I’ll come find you when I need you.

Food Buzz

Foodie sites are hard to let go of but I needed to stick to just my faves.  Food Buzz is more about the photos and doesn’t always supply a recipe of the picture you’re drooling over. Well that’s not fair.

Vega Community

Love eating a plant-based diet…but probably don’t need a community love-in to do it.


Boring freelance writing is only a good idea if you actually want to work. Thankfully, my Sugar Daddy action is working out just fine!

And in light of the fact that this post is suppose to be about not wasting time on the internet, I’ll stop there and say that there were at least 10 more.  But the prized few that have survived my Inbox Detox?  I kept my weekly emails from Natural News, and AllRecipes. I find these sites innovative and informative so it seemed like a good use of time. And of course, I will continue to get alerts from my friend’s blogs and a few foodie blogs like Annie’s Eats.

I’ve already noticed a difference in my inbox…even if it’s as simple as saving me the hassle of immediately archiving one email at a time, I’m sure there’s some stat out there about how many minutes of my life that was sucking up.

Domestically Yours,

Natasha Kay