A Parenting Thought: Reality Update

Many of you have been curious to know how our messy-room-means-mommy’s-on-strike reality consequence worked out. If you missed that post, you can read it here.


Shortly after finishing the post, Jack asked if he could play the Wii, to which I said no (of course!). He didn’t even need to ask why and just said “because we haven’t cleaned up yet, right?”.  He then complained that Liam wasn’t helping him (which was true) so I told him to clean up one of the two rooms they were responsible for and leave the other for Liam.  He did, in record speed actually, and was promptly allowed to play the Wii. Well, as soon as that Super Mario theme song started to play, Liam (our Wii afficionado) quickly came to life!

“Oooh! Oooh! Can I play the Wii mommy?”, he asked.  “No, Liam. You can’t,” I replied calmly. Again, no explanation needed as he responded with “when I clean up my room, can I?”


But you may recall that the original consequence for not cleaning up their mess was that we didn’t get to go to the pool.  Jack got that right away…as you read previously.  But Liam? Well, seven hours later, as we were getting ready for bed, he says to me “But Mom! We haven’t gone to the pool yet!” It was only then, at the end of the day with our messy rooms now a distant memory, that I was able to use the consequence as a learning tool for Liam.  And yes, he was just as upset as Jack was. And by the time I tucked them in, they both had come to a better understanding that “A” comes before “B”.

2 thoughts on “A Parenting Thought: Reality Update

    • Tim says:

      It’s a labor of love, really.

      We know that a ship without a rudder can go far astray and smash into rocky shores or get caught in dangerous storms. And the same is with children.

      We are here to love and guide and teach them.

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