A Parenting Thought: Sibling Squabbling

We’ve all heard it.

“Mommmmmmm! Jack’s bugging me!”

“Well Liam’s getting in my way and he’s being stupid!”

With twin boys who love to be the center of all family attention, we’ve heard our fair share of sibling squabbles. In the past, I’ve tried bringing them both to me to talk about it, I’ve tried separating them, and I’ve tried punishing them both with the same consequence, even though I didn’t really know who was at true fault (if anyone!).

But taking notes from Dr. Leman’s book, “Have a New Kid by Friday”, this time I just took both the boys, walked them to their room, told them to talk it out, and closed the door.

But I will admit, I was skeptical when I heard the words that came next.

“You’re stupid and I hate you!”
“Stop saying that! You’re stupid!”

I thought for sure one of them was about to pummel the other any minute now.

But to my surprise, I suddenly heard chuckling coming from the room. And then a full-on belly laugh! Before I knew it, they were having a rip-roaring time burping and farting on each other.

Five minutes later, the door opens and Jack peers his head out.

“Mommy? We talked it out. Can we come out now?”

Funny…is that what boys call “talking” it out? Well, fine by me. All I care about is that two very angry boys went into the room, and two very happy boys came out.

Score one for Dr. Leman.

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

3 thoughts on “A Parenting Thought: Sibling Squabbling

  1. Mom says:

    This totally made me laugh when I read the end result. Good book to be reading and blogging about. Boys are so funny!

  2. zena rittenhouse says:

    Why WOULDN’T little girls want to use that method?! Sounds a lot better than hair pulling and malicious gossip 🙂

    • Natasha says:

      Well I’ve yet to ever hear you pass gas, little sis…so I guess I’m saying that it just wouldn’t be very helpful to a mother with daughters because well, we just don’t find that stuff very funny!

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