Skeptic Romance

I couldn’t help but notice a 50-year-old man get on the tram today.  Staring back at the sidewalk, his eyes were twinkling in that way that only young love can do as he repeatedly waved goodbye to someone. Each time he wore a sheepish grin that would be embarrassing to most 50-year-old men…err..scratch that…to any men I know. Naturally, I couldn’t help myself and turned around (…casually?) to see a woman standing there all gooey-eyed as well — both of them seemingly oblivious to the fact that they were bordering on High-School-Musical-Cheese-Factor.

As the tram pulled away, and I swore I could hear an audible sigh come from the guy, I noticed that he had a wedding ring on.


Why was my first thought one of “he’s having an affair! That two-timing jerk!”? And then followed by my second (less damning) thought of “perhaps he’s a widow who just found his new love…awwww….”.

Is it possible to have hopeless romance if you’ve been married for 20+ years? Or is that hopelessly unrealistic? Does the deep love that you grow over that many years keep you from the fairytales-and-rainbows that these two seemed to be sharing in the midst of a downtown tram station with total disregard to the rest of us “realistic” types?

Most of us know the “honeymoon phase” doesn’t last for long, and when it goes, you’re left with a lot of hard work and humility if you want to make the long-haul. We’ve all seen relationships around us dissipate because the couple decided they married the wrong person when in reality, they just didn’t expect the “you-are-so-perfect-and-we’re-a-match-made-in-heaven” phase to ever end.  So if I know that it’s unrealistic (and actually dangerous) to expect your relationship to be in la-la land for all eternity, I guess I’m wondering if it’s possible to experience it all over again — with the same person.  Could this man, so in love with his bride, have actually weathered the storms of marriage, family and immaturity, to come out on the other side, with a resurgence of blissful love for the woman he’s woken up beside every morning for 20 years?


3 thoughts on “Skeptic Romance

  1. Sue says:

    Tasha – I believe they did weather the storms, and are now reaping the benefits. 🙂 I think it is possible.

  2. Genevieve says:

    I agree with Sue. I have been married 10 years this September and I feel my husband and I share a much deeper love for each other now. We have grown so much and learnt so much from one another. I couldn’t imagine not sharing my life with him.

  3. Sistah Rise says:

    I, not only believe it to be possible, but I’ve seen this kind of enduring love in action. It’s a beautiful thing when you see it too. It leaves you in awe. One can only hope that they can experience such a love. Times are changing rapidly, so those that enjoy this kind of love, will be fewer and fewer. Sad to say!

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