Special Delivery!

Tomorrow marks the hubby’s last day at his current job before heading to Apple in early September.  In typical Swiss fashion, where you are expected to bring your own birthday cake on your special day, I got busy baking treats for him to take to work. I’d love to share some recipes with you but so far, it’s been nothing but an epic fail.

Oatmeal cookie batter, Fruit & Nut Loafs, Mixed Berry Muffins, garlic bread, spaghetti sauce...this is one busy kitchen. Too bad it was nearly all for naught.

The cookies ended up tasting like cardboard and only the kids will drop their standards low enough to eat them.  Fruit & Nut Loaf completely fell apart but I shoved it back in the loaf pan to bake for another ten and it seems to have survived…barely.

And the muffins…well…

...they didn't fare so well.

Note to self: don’t be silly enough to think that greasing the muffin pan is actually a reasonable substitute when out of paper liners. Just don’t.

And now for a little game!

I will really miss a few things from my European kitchen…most of them located in this photo below. Can you tell me where my beautifully hidden fridge, microwave and steamer oven are?  I will randomly select one entry from the correct responses and mail the lucky winner some delicious Swiss chocolate!  Contest closes at 12 noon (PST) on Tuesday, August 17.

**If you’ve been to our home, you’re not eligible to win — sorry!

One thing I will *not* miss...cleaning this glass three times a day.

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

6 thoughts on “Special Delivery!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Fridge is to the right of the muffins baking in the oven, in what looks to be a cupboard.
    Steamer oven is on the very bottom, below the baking muffins.
    Microwave at the top, above the baking muffins.

    I just want chocolate!! Yum!

  2. Natasha M says:

    Ahhhhh SO COOL! My guess would be microwave on top….steamer oven under that….and the fridge to the right? But what is that handle for on the bottom??….hmmmmm so intriguing!!! 🙂 Unless one of those is a pull out fridge???

    • Mom says:

      My guess would be the microwave is on the top, the oven is the third handle down and the fridge is hiding somewhere…but having lives in Europe I know the firdge is not as big as ours so the cupboard to the right is my gues… I just want Swiss chocolate… 🙂

      • Mom says:

        You know spelling is awful when you rush…sorry for the “lives” instead of lived and what the heck is a firdge?? lol

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