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I have been so amazed at the responses to my health-related blog posts!  To be honest, I nearly started a new blog when I posted my article about What is the Ideal Weight? because I feared that my fitness topic had nothing to do with Domestica but then I thought, “no, readers should see that it’s not all about baking cupcakes and devouring chocolate brownies!  It’s only fair of me to show them the price I pay to indulge from time to time.”

Inspired by the stories and messages from readers who desire to be healthier and are working diligently to get there, I want to share some of the feedback I’ve received this past week. Not as a pat on my own back, but as a way to show that you are not alone! It’s true that sometimes we all just need a little push to reach the next level.

I am not going to lie, there have been a few times this past week where I have wanted to eat too much of something or to give up half way through a workout and I’ve caught myself thinking, “I can’t! What if the readers find out!” So you are motivating me, too! And for that, I thank you!

“…you are inspiring me to push myself…”
Melissa, Manitoba, Canada

“Thank you so much for reiterating that it is NOT necessary to eat more than normal or that those silly voices telling me that I am eating for 2 are a myth.”
Trista, BC, Canada

“Inspired by YOU I went out and got myself a couple of Jillian’s DVD’s!! Thanks for the kick in the bum!”
Natasha M. — British Columbia

“I love that you acknowledge it took years of trial and error and just plain time…we could all do with a longer view of ourselves instead of always looking/counting on the ‘quick fix’.”
Erin — British Columbia

“Thanks for the kick in the pants!”
Heidi — California

“I want to be that motivated after this baby comes…no excuses!!”
Pam — Manitoba

“Your blog has been so inspiring and it’s given me the extra kick in the butt that I needed to keep going…”
Nicole — British Columbia

“Reading this totally inspires me to push myself (and not give in to those “mommy” excuses).”
Adrianne –British Columbia

That being said, I also had one friend call me out and her brave disclosure made me think that there might be others who felt the same way but didn’t have the courage to challenge my opinions. I know I’m not the easiest person to confront!

Michelle, who has given me the approval to share this, explained that my posts didn’t motivate her in any way but instead, shamed her.  She has been overweight for most her life and as she tackles a binge eating disorder, reading “suck it up” comments like mine only make her feel worse about her inability to conquer her food addictions.

The interesting thing is that my post about struggling to have grace for obesity was the one that pushed my friend over the edge.  The irony is not lost on me — here I was admitting that I struggle with judging obese people (not exactly a great omission) and she responded to say that I was making her feel completely judged.  I will be honest, I regretted being so honest after reading her heartfelt words.

But the beauty of it all is that her personal story gave me the resolution I was looking for.  Hearing her speak about how badly she has wanted to beat the addiction to food and how incredibly difficult that task is in a society where gluttony and food is celebrated, really shed light for me on exactly why I should have grace for people who struggle with weight. I do not know their stories and even if I did, I’m still not justified to think less of them for it.

On a personal note, I wanted Michelle to know that I’m not only thankful that she told me how she truly feels but also incredibly proud of her for acknowledging her problems and doing her best to change her situation.  The truth is, that’s all I really care about!  I don’t want a world full of skinny people — I want a world full of people who give a damn.

I do believe that knowledge is power.  Some of us have more knowledge about healthy living than others. My hope is that my fitness blog posts will empower and motivate people, of all sizes, to make healthier choices.

For some of you looking to lose that last five pounds, it could mean kicking it up a notch and working out twice in one day (hello after burn!). For others, it might just be a walk down the street and back.  Every one of us is at a different stage in our health goals and although I am striving for peak fitness in my own life, I want to be understanding of those of you who are starting back at square one.  My words are tough and I tend to call it like it is. My hope is that you know, beneath it all, if I were sitting across from you, my hand would be on your shoulder and I would be telling you how great your every accomplishment is — no matter how they compare to my own.

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

8 thoughts on “Call Me Out

  1. Natalie B says:

    Good balance Tash – that’s something I admire greatly about you, is that you’re willing to see all sides – it’s just about truth right?

  2. Melissa says:

    Beautifully written Natasha.

    I find your honesty and heart about things refreshing. I love the rawness of your posts and that you also responded so lovingly to your friend who was hurt by some of your posts.

    We live in a world where we all come from different backgrounds and have certain things that we are very passionate about, honestly we all aren’t going to be in agreement about everything all the time. It’s what we do with and through our experiences that show the growth and renewal that God plans for each of us.

    Keep on inspiring and extending grace Natasha:)

  3. Adri-Anne says:

    Super awesome Tasha… I feel you on how we do make excuses, (and yes, society does encourage us to do so in many ways) for our weight and poor physical conditions. In my case, food was like an addictive substance. I do think we need to ask for grace to understand just how hard it is to break that addiction, but also to be honest and call an excuse an excuse (in the most loving way we can, of course).

  4. Erin says:

    Tasha, your vulnerability and willingness to say your wrong are just as hard for many people as saying no to food or getting off the couch and being active. No two people are alike and your struggle for grace might be what comes naturally to another person but the truth is, we all struggle for grace in one area or another. God is pleased when we are honest and loving enough to apologize and it takes guts to do that in such a public venue.

    I have a friend who is struggling with an eating disorder as well and it’s been very hard to watch just how much her mind has been held captive. It’s been equally exciting to see how much she wants to get better and how prayer is guarding her and guiding her towards that end.

    Our minds are a vicious tool that Satan can use to destroy us; whether it’s guilt for not being active enough or guilt for not being gracious enough…or many other ways!

    I shared your last post with girlfriends here and encouraged them to take your challenge with me. Two of my good friends said that they are planning on joining a boot camp but they thought, oh, well two times a week isn’t enough. I encouraged them to just start with that, one thing, make that a habit and then add to it.

    Like you said, steps, whatever they may be. The point is that we are taking them and that they will positively affect our habits, mind and health.

    • Natasha Kay says:

      Amen to that! It is true that we need to guard our hearts and protect our minds — and the #1 best way to do that is to soak up His Word!

      My friend commented to me yesterday that it’s not about people deserving grace — that’s the whole point of grace — it’s fully undeserved.

      I hope your friends join! I love having total strangers jump on board! I agree, two times a week is EXACTLY where you start! And two times of sweat burning is enough to get someone motivated to eat cleaner throughout the week, too. When first starting out, it’s more about what they eat and LESS about how much they exercise!

  5. PamJ says:

    “I don’t want a world full of skinny people — I want a world full of people who give a damn.”

    “My hope is that you know, beneath it all, if I were sitting across from you, my hand would be on your shoulder and I would be telling you how great your every accomplishment is — no matter how they compare to my own.”

    So very well said…

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