Life Will Not Be Comfortable — So Get Over It

Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, change in our life comes with a price.

You have a baby and suddenly lose your free time. You switch jobs and the new commute eats into your dinner hour. You start evening school and rarely get to spend time with your significant other. Whatever it is, change interrupts our routine, forces us to shift our habits, and challenges our status quo.

But at what point do you stop swimming and just float into the stream, letting it take you wherever the tide desires? Although that option may seem enticing at first, the tide is merciless and before you know it, you’ve floated right into a rip current and are suddenly drowning.

The reality is, things will continually happen in our lives which are outside of our control. The litmus test of character is whether or not we lay down and take it or we adapt and respond.

This is life folks — and it’s messy.  Better yet, it’s not showing signs of improving any time soon!

The point of all this ranting is to say that we need to stop relying on the comfortable excuses and justifications for our poor habits and instead, grab that messy, dirty situation by the horns and give it a one-two. In other words, take charge of our lives and recognize that sometimes it takes the path less traveled.

So for the mom who just had the baby and has no time to exercise: Get a cardio DVD to do during nap time, find a gym that offers daycare, pick up a secondhand jogging stroller, or create an Exercise Co-op with some girlfriends and take turns watching each other’s kids once a week.

To the woman who gets home too late to cook healthy dinners so gets take-out every night instead: Buy a crock pot and start devoting 15 minutes each morning to throwing together dinner before you leave the house!

To the over-scheduled spouse who never sees their partner: Make lunch dates once a week, get rid of unnecessary distractions like TV and movies so you can spend that time together instead, choose to bum around the house with your guy instead of being a regular at the girls night out with your friends.

The first question we must ask ourselves is “what is truly important to me?”. Once we know the answer, we must be brave enough to take a long, hard look at our decisions and honestly confront whether they support that answer or not.

What is truly important to you?

Are your daily decisions supporting or destroying the answer to that question?

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

3 thoughts on “Life Will Not Be Comfortable — So Get Over It

  1. Natalie B says:

    I think the “what is truely important to you” question is really important! And it goes for anything in life, not just fitness and eating healthy. Do you want to buy a house? Then stop taking vacations, and start actively saving your money. No? Then, don’t feel guilty taking those vacations – there’s a time and place for everything in life. Just make sure you have a plan for those things that really matter to you – otherwise, you may find yourself regretting some of your choices.

    • Natasha says:

      Well said, Natalie! I definitely wrote this post thinking of more than just fitness and I like your analogy. 🙂

      • Monica says:

        We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable if we want to see changes in our lives. Anything worth achieving takes discipline and dedication. If complain about where we are then I tend to think we are not maturing enough to handle where we want to be. When we have decided we are fed up then we will make the decision to change no matter how uncomfortable it is. Love your post.

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