No One Said This Would Be Easy

I am an athlete.

I can sink a 3-pointer from every angle.

I can drop-kick a soccer ball the length of a field.

I can throw a football with a perfect spiral.

But gosh-darn-it, for the freakin’ life of me, I can not figure out a kettlebell snatch.

Exhibit A
Matching forearm bruises from the 25-pound kettlebell slamming into my arm 150 times this morning.


And this is even WITH wearing sweatbands to absorb the impact.

I see everyone around me in the class doing it right but for some reason, I just can’t get the physics of it down. The thing about kettlebells is that it really is a science of motion.  I’ve felt this in other moves we’ve done — where the bell is weightless because your body and all the parts are in perfect motion. But those stupid snatches, they just don’t wanna play.

That said, blisters don’t care about your pretty form.


Even while wearing padded lifting gloves, I fear I'm developing calloused man-hands.

Alright kettlebell, it’s on!

Domestically (and blisterly) Yours,
Natasha Kay

4 thoughts on “No One Said This Would Be Easy

    • Natasha says:

      Apparently it’s not good to use too light of a weight because when the weight is too light, you end up not using the right muscles to do the move (and just “muscle through” the move instead). Truth is, I *should* be using 35 lbs (and not 25). But that said, after watching a few videos on Youtube and working with the class instructor, I’m feeling better about tomorrow’s class! I think I might have figured it out — we’ll see!

      • Tracey says:

        I just saw this post. We don’t use kettle ball at our gym, but we do the same movement with a dumbbell. I love seeing the allover muscle ripple as this woman works out! Not just an arm work out! Great video.


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