Eat THIS Instead of THAT

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You can not out-train a poor diet.  So for all you lovelies out there who are sweatin’ it every week, check your mouthful.  Seriously.  What did you last put in your mouth? More importantly, what are you going to put in there next?

Don’t let food be the one to sabotage what you’re working so hard to achieve.  Because that morsel of food will gladly steal the time you invested during your last exercise; it will steal the happiness that you should be feeling for achieving your goals; and it will steal the energy your body loses from digesting it.

But eating clean doesn’t have to be painful!  Yes, some of you will struggle at first as you re-condition your taste buds to let go of the sugary, processed, chemically-laden tastes of packaged food but let’s be honest — of those three adjectives, which one are you sad to see go?!  So muscle through this transitional phase and watch how quickly your taste buds adapt!  Soon enough, you will be craving the fat of an avocado and the sweetness of an orange. I promise!

To show you how simple it can be to start implementing healthier choices, here are a few examples of small changes that produce a big impact on your nutritional intake:

Pick Flat Bread
instead of Pizza Dough

At around 110-140 calories per sheet, this makes the notorious-diet-killer (oh pizza, how we love to hate you) much more reasonable. The same surface area of regular pizza dough is 240 calories! That’s double the calories — and that’s just the dough! And hey bonus — you won’t feel so bloated and gross afterward from all the refined white flour sitting in your gut while it waits in line to situate itself on your thighs.

If you load up on the veggies and ease up on the cheese, you’re doing even better. Pop a few slices of fresh soft mozza on there and let the oven do it’s magic by melting it into big circles for an authentic taste and way less calories than the typical American-ized pizza with inch-thick cheese just dying to clog your arteries.

Pick my boys’ favorite Coffee Juice
instead of the Frappuccino

So years ago, probably right around the time my 2-year-olds started to associate the Starbucks logo with a foreign black substance that their mother seemed to inhale ever since they arrived, I stumbled upon the idea of taking a Naked Juice from the Sbux cold cooler and asking them to blend it with ice into two cups — one for each boy.  It was a win-win; Mommy wasn’t hogging all the Starbucks love to herself and the now diluted fruit juice was a fairly harmless treat for the boys. And it really does taste like a delicious smoothie!

Now let’s be real — I understand the hankering for a good ol-fashioned Frapp from time to time. But if you’re in the habit of doing this regularly, you need to stop!

Here’s the math:

One Grande Mocha Frapp packs a whopping 370 calories and 130 of those from FAT. And this is not the good kind of fat, people. In fact, it’s about 23% of your recommended daily intake of fat — in one drink. Now, take the smallest size Naked Juice or whatever all-natural fruit juice your local Sbux carries.  Brace yourself for the Barista to look at you funny (this is a Domestica Exclusive, folks!) and now ask them to blend it.  If they look at you like you’re on a day pass from outer space, explain to them that one 10 oz. juice blends with a “grande scoop of ice” quite nicely into a grande cup.

What will result is a cold, frothy and delicious drink that packs a measly 160 calories, with zero…let me say that again…with zero calories from fat. In addition, the 32 g of sugars you get is from fruit alone. Nothing processed, nothing fake. Trust me, your body is going to like that.

Pick the Smallest instead of the Biggest

And now for a straight-up calorie smack-down.

It’s no secret that I had a thing for DQ Blizzards. I mean, they were my go-to cheat back in the day.  And although I never ordered anything bigger than a small, the numbers are still absolutely frightening.

One small Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard weighs in at a KILLER 630 calories!  Ladies, this is a third of your entire daily limit and 38% of your recommended fat.  So unless you’re eating nothing but celery sticks and lettuce leaves for the remainder of the day, we need to kick this bad boy to the curb, and fast.

But what is one to do when there seems to be nothing else that will break that DQ Blizzard spell? You know I’m not about deprivation. It’ll often come back to kick you in the arse and flatten you right out. But thank the Dairy Queen gods that they have done the right thing and introduced a MINI size Blizzard!

Next time you absolutely need to get your fix, opt for the Mini and save yourself a boat-load of calories and fat. Although it’s still off the charts (in my opinion), the Mini Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard contains 370 calories and 22% of your daily fat intake — a MUCH better option than the Small.  And don’t even get me started on the bigger sizes!

Whether it’s a DQ indulgence or a restaurant meal, think SMALL. Chances are, the small will satisfy you just fine. And if not, take it To Go and get as far away as you possibly can!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

13 thoughts on “Eat THIS Instead of THAT

  1. Jocelyne says:

    Thanks for this entry Natasha! Great tips! I LOVE Frappucinos and Blizzards!! I often get the small peanut butter cups, mmm so good, but not for 630 calories, gasp! The mini sounds a lot better as an occasional treat. My hubby always gets a large, yikes! I like the juice drink idea too, do you happen to know if they have other smarter choices on their menu? Asking to do them to do that is fine, but if they do have something like a smoothie or lemonade that is similar that might be more up my alley. I’ve never even looked since I always get a caramel frapp! Thanks again 🙂

    • Natasha says:

      There are 1,060 calories in a large Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard! Even for a man (with a higher caloric requirement), that’s still a doozy. As for other options, I would definitely recommend that if you MUST get a Frapp, get the Tall ONLY! Their Vivanno Smoothies have whey protein, milk and fruit — about the same calories as a Frapp but at least it’s not all empty calories like the Frapps are. My favorite lemonade drink is the “Black Tea Lemonade” but to make it less sweet, I order the Tall but in a Grande cup, then I ask them to top up the rest of the cup with water (so it dilutes it). It’s the same as ordering a Tall “half-sweet” but you get more for your money. And it’s only a few hundred calories.

  2. Marlise says:

    I’ve been doing that Naked Juice trick for years! Not only is it good on your body, but it only costs about $3 compared to a $5-$7 Frapp! Everyone wins! You get a yummy, healthy treat, and you don’t break the bank!

  3. Natalie B says:

    I must say I’m not a fan of the first picture. Cheese is good! Actually cheese with apples can be quite yummy! And cheese is good protein and calcium for this momma (just gotta watch the salt though)

    • Natasha says:

      I agree and disagree. Cheese may have a high level of calcium but it also has a crapload of calories. It’s not a smart choice for anyone who wants to lose weight.

      1.75 ounces of cheese (that would be two small squares the size of your thumb — not a lot) contains 375 mg of calcium but a whopping 210 calories. You can get the same amount of calcium in 150 g of tofu (78 calories). Or in 1 cup of cabbage/bok choy (28 calories). Or 3/4 cup of low-fat plain yogurt (120 calories). I think any of those would be better options for someone worried about their calcium intake but also looking to eat fewer excess calories.

      • Natalie B says:

        What if you just want to eat healthy, but not necessarily lose weight? Not everything is about losing weight! I’m not talking about eating cheese everyday, but I do take offence to a whole food being touted as “evil”.

        • Natasha says:

          I don’t know if I should be debating cheese with a Dutch woman!!! 😉

          But okay, so for someone who isn’t trying to lose weight, is cheese still a healthy option?

          Well, 1 oz of cheddar is 113 calories, 84 of those are from FAT. So although you are getting a decent amount of protein/calcium, you are getting a LOT of fat.

          The average diet for a healthy female should consist of 20% fat — so in her 1,800 calorie diet, she shouldn’t get more than 360 calories from fat.

          Having even just two ounces of cheese (and let’s be honest, who has only two ounces!?) makes a major dent in that number — providing 168 (of her allowed 360 per day) fat calories right there. That’s a lot considering there are healthy fats in many of the other foods we eat, as well. One serving of peanut butter, for instance, gives you 140 calories from fat. Two eggs gives 134 calories from fat. And that’s just breakfast!

          So with all that said, that is why I don’t think cheese is worth it. But yes, I enjoy cheese, in moderation, from time to time! I’m not about depriving myself…just trying to make the healthiest choices I can. 🙂

          • Natasha says:

            PS. As you can see from my post, where I recommend having mozzarella on your pizza — I’m not touting cheese as completely evil, either!

  4. Jaywalker says:

    since we’re talking about some healthy drinks, this is one of our summer favorites. fresh, frozen strawberries + milk + a little splenda = milkshake. my kids love it and it’s a smoothie consistency since the strawberries were frozen.

    • Natasha says:

      I love the idea of a smoothie with fresh strawberries! Here are a few things you might want to try to increase the nutritional value even more:

      1. Try almond milk — it packs a healthier punch than cow’s milk and has a sweet taste, too.

      2. CUT THE CHEMICAL SUGARS!! Especially for children with developing brains! Splenda is CHLORINATED sugar! Chlorine! Do your kids a favor and use all-natural Stevia instead!

      That’s my soap box rant. 😉

  5. Liz says:

    If you have to have cheese try Allegro – lots of choices and none higher than 16% MF, most actually weigh in around 4%….Firm Herb and Spice is delish and only 60 calories per 30g.

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