Let Me Get This Straight…




During our road trip to the desert, I picked up the current issue of Family Circle magazine, with the promise of healthy dinner recipes on the cover. Needless to say, I was appalled when I came across this article inside, titled “Healthy Fast Food”. The worst part? I had just finished reading the Editors opening letter, where she went on and on about how their magazine is committed to helping American’s change their diets for the better in response to the growing obesity epidemic.

I was so disgusted (yes folks, disgusted) that I wrote her a little note. 


Dear Ms. Fears,

Your April cover story of “20+ Healthy Dinners” caught my eye and I bought a copy of Family Circle for the first time last week. When I read your From the Editor page, where you touted your magazine as “on a mission to help Americans lead healthier, more nutritious lives”, I was even more excited about the magazine. Imagine my shock when I suddenly came to Sally Kuzemchak’s article, “Healthy Fast Food”!

Are you kidding me?

To make matters worse, this Registered Dietitian begins her article by calling fast food “a fact of life”, giving a plateful of excuses for why people can’t bother to take care of themselves. And now they have a “professional” who implies that it’s acceptable!  How about this: instead of placing our over-packed schedules as priority over proper nutrition, why don’t you recommend your readers feed their families right and then worry about getting to soccer practice and piano lessons?

Fast food should have NO part in the American diet if we are going to truly change the “declining health of American families” that you claim to be so passionate about!

Natasha Kay
Wife and Mother to a healthy family of four


What do you guys think? Was I being too harsh? Is it okay to justify this sort of article simply because statistics prove that most of their readers are gorging themselves on fast food anyway so opting for healthier selections is the lesser of two evils?

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

6 thoughts on “Let Me Get This Straight…

  1. Shannon says:

    That article made my brain hurt. Their healthy choices were BEYOND appalling!

    Your letter was perfect. Short, precise and to the point.

  2. ltuplin says:

    Right on Natasha! Someone has to start telling the hard cold truth. If you look at the incidence of fat food diet related disease in America, you will soon realize the immensely of the problem of fast (fats) food! Preach it sista

  3. Jocelyne says:

    I really liked your letter Natasha, good for you! I think by the sounds of it the article was in the wrong magazine. To be honest with you, I think for those of us that regularly eat fast food, learning what the best choices are (or perhaps the least worst!) is helpful, but not for a magazine that is so pro health. I agree with the excuses thing though, if we put our health and diet first nobody would be eating fast food, wouldn’t that be nice! Perhaps the article should say something more like IF and ONLY IF you feel you absolutely have to go through drive through, here are some tips to make the healthiest choice possible, but next time plan ahead and pack food with you to avoid these places all together! I admire your passion N 🙂

  4. PamJ says:

    Well said! The letter is great too. It would be great to keep us updated if they respond!

    Perhaps it their way of thinking if they go to McDonald’s and can choose a salad, then when they are in the grocery store they will make better choices too? It’s a start!

  5. Erin Philps says:

    I agree…what are they thinking!? You letter addresses the issue and points out the worst parts of the offense. I’m interested to see if you get a response. I think her editorial and the article in question are a “disgusting” play to the public that demonstrates their real commitment is to their bottom line, not health!

    By the way, knowing you, this is holding back….you’ve become adept at saying it like it is without a long tirade 😉

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