Counting Your Way To Success

As many of you know, I am fully committed to logging my food and exercise in an online journal.  Not only has this tool been imperative in my efforts to lose weight, it has also proven to be a vital part in making sure I eat enough now that I’m focused on getting in peak physical condition.

After being somewhat frustrated with FitDay, I moved to FatSecret in 2010 and was impressed with the application.  But when my Domestica Fitness Train Passengers started asking about which program to use, I began researching other programs and came across MyFitnessPal.  And I’ve been converted!  This program is sleek, highly intuitive and incorporates some great tools to keep you focused on your goals.  For instance, once you push the “submit” button to indicate you’ve completed all your food entries for the day, the program gives you a little message to show you how you’re progressing in reaching your end goal:

Do you also see the water ticker at the bottom? Perfect!  And the iPhone app is great which means I can instantly add my water intake right on my phone if I happen to leave my water bracelets at home!

As a fantastic added bonus, the program is set up much like Facebook, with a news feed and the ability to post your own status where your “friends” can comment.  Even though I’ve been a part of this community for less than a week, I’ve already seen just how effective it can be with everyone encouraging each other to reach their goals.

On that note, I decided to post my before/after pics in the Success Stories forum and to my surprise, it drove huge traffic to my website.  I’m thrilled to have a whole new group of readers who are dedicated to making positive changes in their lives!  I have also been wondering over the past few months if my blog should become a full-on Health & Fitness website or if I’ll go back to my baking and recipe roots.  After receiving countless private messages and emails from women all over the world who wanted me to know how inspired they were by my story, I now know the answer to that question. Your stories, comments, and messages have motivated me to take the leap and help more women realize that pregnancy (or an unhealthy past) is not the end of their bikini days!

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Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

11 thoughts on “Counting Your Way To Success

  1. Bree says:

    I tried this app yesterday. It told me to eat 1200 calories a day and thats with 4 workouts per week. No Thank you!

    • Jenae says:

      You earn calories with working out! Those 1200 calories are before you log any exercise! I Absolutely love MyFitnessPal!

      • Natasha says:

        Yeah Bree — MFP is a bit different than the other sites because it gives you a more accurate calorie count when you factor in exercise. So it might start you off with a base of 1200 but when you add your exercise it intuitively adds that to what you NEED to eat each day. And unlike the other programs, it also gives you a warning if you log your food for the day and UNDER-EAT. I like that.

        That said, at 1200 calories a day, did you set your weight loss goals aggressively? Like losing 2 pounds a week? If so, that’s why it’s so low.

  2. Erin Philps says:

    Tasha I’m so glad to hear how your gifts are making a difference! It’s wonderful to read how God is using you. You’ve been a huge encouragement to me these last few weeks. I’ve started using SparkPeople and it’s been very interesting to see how I eat and I love being told what I need to do that day for my fitness! Keep up the great work!

  3. Natasha M. says:

    I’m totally having one of those “I knew her when” moments reading this!! I think this is just FABULOUS watching your life transform as you help transform others!!! 🙂

  4. arleigh jane says:

    I love MyFitnessPal! It really helped me get a solid grasp on calories and intake so when I’m not being super-conscientious I still can tabulate internally and not get too far off track.
    I am just now discovering the recipe portion of the iPhone app which is a big help because I alter (for the healthier) so many recipes!
    Also, if you prefer, you can decide how many calories you want to make your goal (rather than it telling you) and keep track of that goal including food and exercise.
    These blogs are great Tasha, very encouraging and informative 🙂 Keep ’em comin’!

    • Kat says:

      Thank you, I love your blog and am struggling to get back into my bikini. lol U have inspired me to be serious about following a fitness program to a tee. I have had the Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred book for some time, but have not committed to the hardcore program. Glad to see u could do it!!!!! There is hope for me!

  5. Vanessa says:

    I use myfitnesspal as well..I have to credit it with giving me the info I needed in terms of calorie counting & exercise..all of a sudden everything clicked for me and made sense in terms of what I needed to do to lose weight (43 pounds and counting!)..I love MFP!

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