Smart Swaps at the Coffee Shop

As some of you already know from this post about my Starbucks epiphany that forever altered the course of my health, I enjoy a latte every once in a while.  The question is, how do you indulge in a sweet treat while not blowing the calorie bank?  Because as great as that blended frapp may taste at 3 o’clock, your body won’t be so happy at 6 o’clock when you face the reality that you have no more calories left for dinner.

Here are some of my favorite Starbucks Smart Swaps and a new Domestica Exclusive, thanks to a talented Barista at my local joint.

If you’re used to having a Chai Latte, try a

{Steamed Milk with a Tazo Chai Tea bag}

The Tall Chai Latte contains 180 calories and a generous 31g of sugar, primarily from the chai syrup.  My chai alternative weighs in at 150 calories and only 13g sugar — plus, you’re getting the added benefits of tea instead of the body-drain that comes from sugary syrups.

If you’re used to super sweet drinks, this may take some getting used to but let the tea bag seep for at least five minutes and it will help strengthen that yummy chai flavor. Naturally!

If you’re used to having a Cafe Mocha, try a…

{Cocoa Cappuccino}

The Tall Cafe Mocha, complete with whipped cream, comes in at 270 calories, 12 g of fat, and 26 g of sugar.

You could eat an entire dinner entree for that number of calories!

The leaner Cocoa Cappuccino omits the sinful whipped cream, reduces the amount of sugary syrups, and opts for frothy foam; bringing this delicious treat to just 140 calories, 4.5 g of fat, and 19 g of sugar.

It’s like two for the price of one!

If you’re used to having the Blended Smoothies, try a

{blended Naked Juice}

Read more about this favorite all-natural Sbux treat for kids and adults alike in this recent post.

On the topic of kids, our extremely sweet and talented local Barista, Vanessa, invented a fabulously sweet treat for my boys and when I tasted it, I thought for sure she was mistaken about it being all-natural! It tasted so great that I made her bring out the puree and let me read the ingredients for myself. Sure enough, the Starbucks strawberry puree is in fact, just fruit and fruit juice. No dextrose, glucose or any other sneaky sweetener.  This is now our new favorite blended drink.

If you’re up for something new, try a…

{Blended Apple Strawberry Lemonade}

To order this, you ask for a Blended Strawberry Lemonade but ask them to use apple juice instead of the lemonade.  I’m not certain about the calories but considering it’s half ice, I think it’s safe to say it’s less than 200.

I hope a few things go without saying but I’ll say them anyway:

  • You should never get anything bigger than a Tall. Who are you kidding getting that Venti Skinny Caramel Latte? It’s like ordering diet Coke with your Big Mac meal. If you really want to see results, twelve ounces is more than enough — in fact, take a nod from the healthier Europeans and order a Short!  Did you even know that’s a size?! Basic portion control is by far the simplest way to cut calories from your daily intake while not feeling totally deprived.
  • There is no place in any healthy diet for Frappuccinos.  The “light” versions may be low in calories but they’re high in artificial sweeteners. Even if you have a tall with no whip cream, the sugars are still through the roof. And where’s the fun in a frapp with no whip cream?!?!
  • Opt for nonfat milk whenever possible!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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