Cold Turkey

To celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, Tim and I left the kids (read: ditched the kids) with our close friends (read: lifesavers) and escaped to San Francisco for date night!  

With the cavernous buildings all along the Pier, Butterfly Restaurant is an unassuming little spot from the outside. In fact, the first thing that caught my eye was an awning over their main entrance with the sprawling words: “KIDS MENU”.  Had we made a mistake on our precious date night? After weeks of Chuck E. Cheese*, jungle gyms and mommy play dates, I JUST WANT A KID-FREE ZONE FOR ONCE!  Is that too much to ask?!

But once inside, the spot was all class and definitely not child-friendly (phew!).  With cozy tables dressed in soft linen and overlooking the San Francisco Bay, we settled in for a night of incredible food (my vegetarian gnocchi was quite possibly one of the best meals of my life) and fabulous conversation. I am so thankful to have a man who makes me laugh until my stomach hurts and makes me think until my brain hurts. Never a dull moment!

How is this fitness-related? Well, my hubby is as crazy as I am when it comes to fitness. Maybe crazier! He’s completed half-marathons, Olympic distance triathlons, and is now training for his first full marathon.  It goes without saying that having both of us on board when it comes to eating clean and training hard is a huge part of our success but we have also been known to really blow it big time — together.

That was the case the morning after our beautiful date night. After picking up the boys from our aforementioned lifesavers, Tim had just finished a long training run and I was feeling groggy from the lack of sleep. Knowing it was grocery shopping day and our cupboards were bare, he suggested going out for breakfast and I was all too happy to comply — even though the voice in the back of my head was saying otherwise.

We stumbled upon a vintage diner in San Jose with original booths and old-fashioned bar seating. The next thing we know, our family has consumed more processed food in one sitting than we would eat in an entire year of homemade meals.  The coffee was no where near our standards (yes, we’re snobs like that) and instead of our usual splattering of 100% maple syrup, our children inhaled the HFCS-filled “syrup” that saturated their stack of nutritionally-deficient white pancakes.  As we made our way home, I couldn’t help but think of the conventionally-raised eggs and the God-knows-what’s-inside bacon that the boys ate — never mind all that sugar!

An hour later, my body started to shut down and I knew it was either take a nap or go to the gym. I chose the gym but found myself giving up only 20 minutes into a pathetic workout because I thought for sure I was going to either fall asleep on the mat or just throw up. As I stretched a bit before packing it in, I thought about how the price of that awful diner breakfast would have covered half of the Lulu Lemon Scuba Hoodie I’ve been coveting for months.  The hoodie that I haven’t purchased simply because my frugal-mother-red-flags kept waving in my mind every time I’d think about buying it.  And here we just spent half that much on a meal we didn’t even enjoy! Oh the injustice!

Later that day, Tim and I talked about what a mistake it was and how every month or so we seem to indulge in a silly restaurant meal that always leaves us feeling crummy.  It didn’t go unnoticed that our boldly flavored chef-prepared filet mignon and roasted vegetable gnocchi we had the night prior was only twice the price of the soggy eggs and artificially seasoned potato cakes we just wolfed down in a seedy diner.

And so we looked at each other — and in a way that you can only do after being married for ten years, said in unison, “let’s go cold turkey!”

And there it was.  Joining other pinky-swear pacts of yore (like when we agreed to never buy another soda or to always share one order of In n’ Out fries between the whole family), the Domestica family is now off all dining out until October 1.  Nothing but homemade meals allowed.  This not only allows Tim to kick it into overdrive as he trains for his upcoming marathon but also keeps me in tip-top bikini-shape for the summer.

And in typical “binge before you start the diet” fashion, we decided to start “first thing tomorrow” and all headed to In n’ Out for burgers and fries.  We’re normal, after all!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

* Disclosure: Yes, we do go to Chuck E. Cheese — but we pack our own lunch and go just for the games!

5 thoughts on “Cold Turkey

  1. Pam says:

    There you go again being all inspirational and stuff!! Way to go!! We rarely eat out and aren’t on the clean diet you are, but I DO try to make as many meals at home as possible and want to strive to eat out less too… It’s do-able I’m sure! Good luck darling 🙂

  2. Judy Crawford says:

    Hi Tash,

    New Mac so hopefully I will finally be able to post here! :o) I love your challenge of no eating out for the next 3 months!! I am thinking of trying your challenge only I am hoping to head to kamloops in the summer so not sure of what the game plan would be for that but my brother and sisinlaw are awesome cooks and entertain in their home alot so I don’t see us dining out much. Geeez I’m typing out loud again! ha! Anyway great job on scoring the childless dinner!! They are ever so important :o)

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