{Video} Domestica-Style Wine Tour

My parents knew how to stretch out a buck and were pretty resourceful when raising us four kids. So when it came time for a family reunion in the Okanagan, my sisters and I decided paying for a fancy-schmancy limo to drive you around or renting bicycles for $50 a pop, was a waste of money. Especially when there are three perfectly good (…ahem…) bikes right up the street from you with a giant FREE sign on them.

With flat tires and wobbly handlebars, my dad came to the rescue and gave the bikes a quick tune-up so they were road-worthy…sort of.

Things started off a bit rough when Vanessa’s chain fell off. But with some tasty pinot noir in mind, her and Zena fixed up “Hot Flash”, as she affectionately called her red beast of a bike.

We didn’t realize how steep the hills would be between wineries and seeing as two of our rides were children’s bikes, we definitely earned our wine at each stop.

In total, we biked 10km, which certainly feels more like 20 when you’re on a 7-year-old’s bike. After complaining about having only one pedal on her sweet BMX, I swapped with Zena and gave her mine, dubbed “Gangsta” for it’s tricked out shocks, which was significantly smaller and stuck in sixth gear. The joke was on her!

As we whizzed down steep hills going far too fast for these shoddy bikes, we all silently prayed that they would stay in one piece until we got to the bottom. Thankfully, it wasn’t until the very last winery that my bike decided it no longer liked having the seat in the highest possible position, which led to the naming of our third freebie bike, “Low Rider”.

In the end, we made it safely (albeit sweaty), and enjoyed our bottle of wine as a reward. It’s moments like these that make me seriously consider not having any more children unless I am willing to keep popping them out until there are at least two girls! Sisters are irreplaceable.

If you want to see this craziness in action, watch the video as I try to ride (on a bike that could fit my five-year-old) from winery to winery!



Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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