I Can’t Believe It’s Not…Sugar

I’m finally back home after a vacation to my home province of British Columbia, Canada.  It was a bit of a “working” trip as I visited my parents and helped them with the daunting task of purging 20 years of living in one city in order to pack it all up and move to another country. While doing just that, I managed to find a box of miscellaneous gifts that my dear mother saves up for those special occasions.  You know, little trinkets and tools she finds and saves for your next birthday or Christmas present.

Well, I don’t know who was meant to get this beauty of a mug, but I snagged it and told her it was for “packing services rendered”!

And today, back home and loving the feel of my own bed and the taste of my “usual” food, I get to use it for my new obsession. Sweet & Spicy Good Earth Tea!  After trying this at a friend’s house recently, I was instantly swept away in a sweet (yet…spicy) love affair with a few leaves and a bag. Seriously.

I love it so much that I tweeted about the tea the other day and wouldn’t you know, the folks at Good Earth Tea offered me a free “Tea-shirt” (dorky, but cute). After a life in media and promotions, I’ve thrown away more than my fair share of lame swag and nearly didn’t take them up on the offer. But I’m glad I did! They sent me a super cute shirt that I can actually wear.

If you’re anything like me and get a mad hankering for Hot Tamales candy every time you hit the movie theatre (or enjoy any other type of spicy candy), than you should check out this tea. They swear there’s no sugar but you wouldn’t know it from the intensely sweet buzz!  Although my American readers may not understand, I’m super excited to try making sweetened iced tea from these bags — without any sugar!


Do you have any calorie-free (but all-natural) indulgences we should all know about?

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

EDIT:  Heads up to my Canadian readers: If you’re west coaster’s, I hear you can get this brand of tea at your local Save-on-Foods. Otherwise, you can buy it online!

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe It’s Not…Sugar

  1. kim says:

    that tea is so good – like its not even tea! you should also try the rooibos vanilla red. not as sweet, but makes great a iced version.

  2. Adri-Anne R. says:

    Loooove this tea! I discovered it a couple years ago. It’s great to make chai with, if you add some almond or soy milk and froth it up a bit! (of course I’m a hot drinks kind of girl even though I live in SoCal!)

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