A First Time for Everything

Today was one of those days where you do your best to step back, soak it all in, and attempt to put everything you’re feeling in the deep recesses of your soul so that you can draw on it twenty, thirty or forty years from now. It’s one of those moments where a photo will never fully express the emotion that is bubbling up inside your heart.

Today my boys started Kindergarten.

Having looked forward to this day since they were enrolled in Swiss Kindergarten last year (before deciding to move to the US), the boys marched into their classes with their new hand-picked backpacks slinging from their shoulders and their heads held high.  With absolutely no trepidation, they took their seat at their labeled desk and waited patiently for the first instruction (all the while wondering, I’m sure, what one does at Kindergarten anyway).

After getting a full-body bear hug from Liam (and a fist pump from Jack), I hesitantly walked away, knowing they were more than okay without me but somewhat wishing they weren’t. And as if he could just sense it, I suddenly heard Liam shouting at me from across the school yard, “BYYYYYEEEE  MUUUUUMMM!”, waving like a maniac with a huge smile plastered on his face, before running back into his classroom.

And then I cried.

For me, the start of a new school year meant new clothes. Clearly I’m not conditioned to California yet because without even thinking, I bought skinny jeans and long-sleeved shirts for the boys before realizing it’s still 30˚C (85˚F) outside. Right. But thankfully, I had also found them a few t-shirts that I knew they were going to flip out over.

I never buy the boys licensed apparel (like that Mario Kart t-shirt). There’s just something about a kid running around in head-to-toe branding that bugs me. So when I gave the boys their new shirts last week, they were so excited that they wore them for four days straight before I could get my hands on them and throw them in the wash!

In fact, after politely wiping his mouth with his napkin, Jack announced to me at the dinner table a few days ago, “Mum, I’ve decided,” he said with an absolute deadpan face that looked far too serious for a five-year-old, “I’m not going to wipe my face on my shirt anymore.”  And just like that, I no longer find food stains on both shoulders of his shirts. All it took was a Hot Wheels tee that he loved too much to get dirty! Oh motherhood — you know, it’s the simple things that get you.

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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4 thoughts on “A First Time for Everything

  1. Denise says:

    I remember it well! (twenty odd years ago) Great post Natasha – it rekindled loads of memories for me. I realize now that that day was just the beginning of the “letting go”.

  2. mike says:

    great article It reminds me of how fast and fragile life is. because before you know it those two cuties will be bringing home strangers (girls) and looking for the keys to the car……… SO what am i saying…… Cherish every moment

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