Sometimes You Just Gotta Make Things Happen

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.”  Ecclesiastes 11:4

My husband and I both really enjoy backpacking and wilderness camping.  But because our boys are a bit too young to tackle the really rugged trips, it’s easy to think that we can only escape for a backpacking trip when we travel without the kids. It’s this very thought that has resulted in my last year’s Christmas present sitting in the closet with the tags still intact — and it’s September.

But with some (not-so) gentle nudging, my hubby convinced me that the stars needn’t all be aligned in order for me to get out and use my (not-so) new pack! So I surfed over to and found a female-only adventuring group. Within a week, I was packing my shiny, new bag with 40 pounds of gear and supplies.

And off I went.

With complete strangers.

We hiked the Portola Redwoods State Park.

We got lost.

We enjoyed a rustic trail camp with only five neighboring campsites, a dirty creek as our only water source, and a brain teaser of how to hang our food out of raccoon’s reach with nothing but straight-as-a-board trees.

And finally, we went hiking and found not only the famous banana slugs but a few hidden gems, too.

No roads anywhere to be seen which might be why this old hot rod was not lookin’ so hot. But the bullet holes were interesting…

And nothing says “out in the wild” like finding an antler (or, having a Rambo-like fixed blade knife strapped to your belt).

I should thank my super-supportive hubby for literally kicking my butt out the door and forcing me to rip those tags off the backpack he bought me nearly a year ago!

The whole experience really epitomized my last post about learning success. If you want to succeed, sometimes you just gotta man up and do it. Or as we Canadians like to say…

Just get ‘er done!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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