2012 Life Resolutions: Second Chances

As I recently admitted, when midnight rolled around and we entered into a new year, I was completely stumped on my Life Resolutions for 2012. After what seemed like a lack-luster performance in 2010 and a total failure in 2011, I precariously entered 2012 with nothing but a promise to keep you posted.

Well consider yourself posted.

Last week I had the 2012 Life Resolutions epiphany. And it was like this:

I’m on the treadmill and my workout plan calls for 30 minutes of HIIT. I started at an easy 5.0 (12-minute-mile pace) and after a mile of this, I felt great…as if I hadn’t even been running. So I decided to postpone the HIIT and just see what another mile would feel like at this light pace. To my surprise, the second and third miles were just as easy. My heart rate was still very low compared to my average training range.

Ah-hah Moment #1:

I could run a marathon at this pace.

When training in the past, I have always run at a 6.0 (10-minute-mile pace) and five miles is about my max.  But what if I simply slow down?! I know, rocket science. But you know me, slowing down is not really in my genetic design.

I did the math in my head — 26 miles x 12 minutes = 5 hours and 12 minutes.  And a half marathon would be just over 2 1/2 hours.  Not bad for a first attempt.

Ah-hah Moment #2:

Here I am, telling all of you to stop with the myriad of excuses and just take the first step to reaching your health and wellness goals. All the while, I haven’t bothered to even try finishing a half marathon because I assumed it wasn’t possible since I can’t run the whole thing. Wrong!  What if I just run as much as I can and then walk the rest?  I know my knees are fine with walking after they give out during a run and at least I’ll cross the line and accomplish my goal. I’ve also felt that my knees are getting much stronger since implementing a few of the hip strengthening exercises from my Physical Therapist so who knows?! Maybe I will run the whole thing! So I took my own advice and found a half marathon in my area — the Oakland Half Marathon on March 25th seemed like a great pick since it happens to be on my 30th birthday. What a great way to ring in a new decade!

Later that night, as I told Tim about my revelation, another light bulb went off.

Ah-hah Moment #3:

What if 2012 is all about second chances? What if this is the year that I make good on as many of my past failed resolutions? A year of redemption!

To be continued…

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay


3 thoughts on “2012 Life Resolutions: Second Chances

  1. Natalie B says:

    Tasha, you’re hilarious. Leave it to you to have a light-bulb moment about slowing down so you can run a marathon! I went to the gym for the furst time in forever the night before last. Haven’t been able to get out for walks with Z because the weather has been sub-zero and snowy. I feel like it was the first time I actually enjoyed myself at a gym! I guess just getting out of the house, on my own and getting my blood pumping a bit felt so good! I’d like to be playing soccer again right now, but my knee keeps bothering me. I’m thinking if I can hit the bike at the gym, and work on some strengthening exercises then hopefully I can join in next season (if I’m not pregnant again :P) Good luck with your marathon! Isn’t funny that sometimes actually reducing our pace makes some things more possible? You gotta start somewhere, and sometimes full speed is not what’s needed to make things happen 🙂

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