I Don’t Shampoo My Hair…and other Domestica Beauty Tips

Make sure to read this post (and watch the short video) where I explain the tips and tricks I’ve since learned in how to have the best hair ever using this regime!  You’ll see the tools I’ve picked up along the way that help make this simple, effective and dirt cheap!! Plus, I share a few unexpected bonuses!

How many beauty products do you put on your body each day?

Shampoo? Conditioner? Face Wash? Toner? Moisturizer? Hair Styling Products? Anti-Persperant? Foundation? Make-up? Shaving Cream? After-Shave?

Just like nicotine is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream by putting a patch on our skin, the ingredients in beauty products find their way into our bloodstream, too.

What are these chemicals doing to our bodies? No one fully knows…yet. But if you take the advice of many natural health professionals, they suggest that you only put things on your skin which you would also be able to eat. Safe to say most our beauty products are anything but edible!

In the journey to finding better health through nutrition and exercise, I have also become more health-conscious in other areas, too. I only use mineral foundation and organic concealers.  I haven’t worn sunscreen for years (unless I’m going to be out in the sun during peak hours and I don’t have a solid base tan).  I also stopped using antiperspirant over two years ago and can’t believe I used to use that stuff every day!  Now I’ll wear a natural deodorant only if I’m going to be doing something stressful or overly physical — but if I’m in workout clothes, all bets are off and take this as fair warning that I don’t care what I smell like when I’m in workout mode. Just sayin’.

Domestica Beauty Tip: Homemade Shampoo & Conditioner

Another beauty product that I’ve slowly been changing is my shampoo and conditioner. I used to buy expensive salon brands because they were the only products that made my hair feel good. But now I know that it was all an illusion of health — the chemicals in salon products are just as harmful as the chemicals in the cheap products, just a bit more fine-tuned perhaps.  So when I found out both my friend and my little sis were trying out the latest hippy gimmick of using baking soda and vinegar as a shampoo and conditioner replacement, I took note.

And like any wise woman would do, I waited a few weeks to see if they’re hair fell out or went yellow before trying it myself.

Lo and behold, the stuff works!  A few weeks into swapping out my “natural” sulfate-free shampoo and coconut-oil based conditioner for nothing but baking soda and ACV, I have never had such healthy, full hair.  I love that the baking soda leaves my strands a bit course which gives my otherwise limp and flat hair a lot more volume. Plus, I’m drastically reducing my exposure to harmful xenoestrogens that are found in many beauty products (including shampoos). Xenoestrogens are compounds that mimic estrogen in our bodies and have also been linked to reproductive issues and earlier puberty in young girls. Um, pass, thanks.

When I first tried this out, I just grabbed a few tbsp of baking soda and the can of ACV on my way to the shower.  I didn’t bother getting fancy because I just wanted to try it first. I was skeptical. In a clumsy free-for-all, I dumped the dry baking soda on my head and did my best to work it through the roots. Similarly, I dumped a bit of ACV in my hand and worked it into the tips of my hair. You might do the same. But once you fall in love with it, you’ll probably want to get:

  • baking soda
  • apple cider vinegar
  • old shampoo or water bottle that’s easy to squeeze and cleaned out well
  • clean spray bottle so you can dilute the ACV

** Glass bottles would obviously be best (since plastic is known to have PCB’s) but being able to squeeze the shampoo bottle and evenly distribute the baking soda mixture really does help make this easier. And let’s be honest — my hippy quotient isn’t quite at that level yet.

For the shampoo, mix 1 tbsp baking soda with 8 oz of water. Shake well and distribute all over your roots. Work it into the roots with your fingers for a minute or so. It won’t feel like it’s doing much (because there’s no chemicals to make it lather) but it is. Don’t worry about the tips, the oils in your hair originate at the roots so the tips aren’t a priority. They’ll get clean enough when you rinse the baking soda out of your hair.

For the conditioner, mix 1 oz apple cider vinegar with 8 oz water.  I just leave mine in a spray bottle in the shower.  Apple cider vinegar does not need to be refrigerated. I opt to only spray my tips with the ACV since I find it leaves my roots a bit greasy.  It will largely depend on your own pH balance and you’ll want to play around with the application of it. Some people with fine hair find ACV too greasy so they opt for lemon + water instead.

Domestica Beauty Tip: Moisturizer

I’ve stopped investing a small fortune into organic and all-natural facial moisturizers and have instead been using organic coconut oil as my moisturizer. It’s a bit tricky as a daytime moisturizer (it takes about 15 minutes to absorb fully before you can put makeup on without having it slide all over the place!) but it’s a prime candidate for replacing our heavy evening moisturizers.  Coconut oil might feel greasy at first but it quickly absorbs and intensely moisturizes your skin.

Make sure to drop me a line if you decide to try either of these natural beauty tips. I promise my skin hasn’t broken out in grease-induced zits and my hair is still intact!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Shampoo My Hair…and other Domestica Beauty Tips

  1. Teodora says:

    an excellent hair cleaner is medical clay (not sure where you can get it in the US) as I have only bought from Bulgaria. It is great to use on hair or as a base for facial masks. The best one is the one that comes solid, as a rock, and you dilute with water. In the beginning, the hair feels weird at best, but then it gets used to the clay and behaves like a regular shampoo. You can dilute the clay with camomile tea and add some oils or an egg yolk; then rinse out with vinger + water. Here is a picture of yellow clay – one of the best kinds. Sorry the site is in Bulgarian.


  2. kim says:

    how funny – i clean my bathroom with baking soda and vinegar (white vinegar, but still). i give this shampoo / conditioner a try and maybe it will clean me the and shower at the same time.

  3. Melissa says:

    So excited that you switched Tash. I seriously have the best hair ever now, and the greatest part (apart from it being all natural of course) is that I only wash it a few times a week!

    I am totally on the raw beauty board too, I just made my own solid lotion bar with organic coconut oil, Organic Shea butter and some beeswax, its unscented and 100 % natural and by using the stick form to apply it’s darn right easy peasy. I use it on Sydney and myself daily, and I have started to use it on my face too. Love switching to all natural made by me products. The not-so dirty hippie life is the one for me!

  4. Courtney says:

    Melissa, can you post your ratios/measurements for your solid lotion bar? That sounds awesome! I think I will have to give these all a try! Sounds great! Thanks ladies! Also, I don’t know if you do this but I make my own house hold cleaner and laundry soap too. SUPER cheap way to keep your house clean!

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