Marketing Math…for IDIOTS

What’s wrong with this label?

At first, one might think, “hey! I’m getting a 50% free bonus!” since doing such a thing is a common marketing strategy. But when you look closer, you see the fine print.

50% MORE …than our 8 oz size

Um….come again?!

So what you’re saying is…by buying this 12 oz bottle, I’m getting 50% more than the 8 oz bottle? You don’t say!

Of course when I checked the price of the 8 oz compared to the 12 oz bottle, there was absolutely no price savings in buying the bigger bottle. Surprise, surprise.

Read your labels people! On EVERYTHING!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

3 thoughts on “Marketing Math…for IDIOTS

  1. lfelix1 says:

    I get your example but, being a health nut, I would think you would be totally unaware of such a product.

    How about something like “All Natural”, “Fat Free” and other label lies.

    • Natasha (Domestica) says:

      Health nuts still get sick! And although I have a slew of home remedies (my husband will never forgive me for making him chew six cloves of garlic that one time…), we still rely on pharmaceutical remedies sometimes. Try to avoid them at all costs, though.

      That said, YES! You are preaching to the choir and I’ve had those topics on my “to-blog” list for a long time! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

      • lfelix1 says:

        I also am a health nut and have been supplementing since the early 70’s so I rarely get sick. I have only had one cold since 1999 and it only amounted to three days of slightly runny nose for about 2 hours after waking (I kept a journal of my personal results of different products I sold and have been taking since 1999), other than that, nothing.

        I suffered a back injury which required surgery and resulted in a paralyzed left leg. I healed quickly and recovered use of my leg in short order (about 1 year and 3 months from paralyzed to minor numbness when it’s cold) which I owe to supplements and therapy. My Dr. was amazed at how fast I recovered. Especially because he said that the nerve damage I suffered would likely never heal because it was too severe. I do still have some minor tingling in my middle toe at times but I believe even that will heal with more time.

        I may be more fortunate than others but I am sure that, without supplements, I would end up having all the things that go around, as I did before I started supplementing.

        It is only fair to say that I will only take things from reputable companies of the highest all natural quality available (nothing synthesized ever). My choices are much more critical than your run of the mill off the shelf brands. Most of what I take is the best known available supplements all backed by scientific studies and only available through word of mouth marketing.

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