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Do You “Like” Me?!

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It’s happened. I’ve done the one thing I said I would never do.

I created a Facebook Fan Page.


Remember that Domestica Fitness Train I mentioned a year ago? Well, I have a little secret — that group has grown, shifted, and organically emerged into a wildly successful group of amazing women who are taking back their lives, one shed pound at a time!

Season One of the Fitness Train Challenge (which I never told you about because it was a secret, remember?!) had this small group of women losing over 160 pounds!  We knew it was time to break out of our secret hiding spot (somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of Facebook’s secret groups) and share our awesomeness with the world openly….or at least with the 28 of my friends who were kind enough to “like” it…but same diff.

These women (who bared their heart, souls, and food diaries week after week) couldn’t help but share their success with everyone around them and before I knew it, Season Two of the Fitness Train Challenge (FTC.2) has begun with three teams of excited FTC.1 veterans and (slightly terrified) FTC.2 newbies!  I love that these women are ready for true change in their lives, their bodies, and their futures; and I am deeply honoured to be a part of it all!

Even if you’re not looking for an accountability group or an intense challenge like the FTC, you can head over to our public Facebook Page (the team pages still remain a secret, sorry!). and find weekly challenges you can do with us, clean eating tips, healthy recipes, encouraging pictures, and more!

Come on! You know you want to like me!!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay