Your Diet Food is Making You Stupid

What if I stopped you on the way out of the grocery store and told you that half the food you just bought isn’t actually food?  You’d be outraged! How dare this grocery store sell you something that says it’s edible when it’s not real food!

And yet that is exactly what’s happening in the diet food industry.

In my opinion, “diet food” is really just a modern day version of snake oil.  They promise you that it’s “low-fat”, “low-carb”, “low glycemic index”, and every other “low” they can think of, but it leaves you feeling hungry, malnourished, and ready to binge. You spend money on “food” that’s not actually food at all!  They suggest that you’re making a “healthy” choice by buying their products and yet their mile-long list of ingredients on every box includes synthetic compounds, chemical additives, and toxic concoctions.

How is THIS edible?!

The only real foods listed in that mile-long ingredients list are conventionally-grown vegetables, processed to beyond recognition and then treated with additives in order to make them come back to life. Yum!  And yet, Lean Cuisine’s website throws around words like “Chefs”, “culinary collection”, “nutritious ingredients”, and “perfectly prepared”.   Right…because “hydrolyzed soy”, “carrageenan”, and “autolyzed yeast extract” (aka MSG) are in every Chef’s cupboards!

Still buying the claims that all those ingredients will make you lean?

As Wikipedia so eloquently points out, the snake oil salesman was “a travelling ‘doctor’ with dubious credentials, selling fake medicines with boisterous marketing hype, often supported by pseudo-scientific evidence.”

Wow, is anyone else seeing the comparison here?  Big Food companies promise you results if you buy their creations.  They inundate you with marketing hype and pictures of healthy-looking models enjoying their foods without a care in the world (a perfect example of the modern day grifter, convincing the crowds that the snake oil does in fact work even though they’ve never used it themselves). They quote half-assed studies and trust that the average American won’t bother to look any deeper. We just believe what we’re told and fork out our hard-earned money for the next best thing that will solve all our body weight problems.


Lean Cuisine isn’t interested in whether you lose weight! And they’re certainly not interested in whether your organs shrivel up and die from all the preservatives and additives they’re using. They, and every other Big Food company, is interested in one thing — PROFITS. Their shareholders don’t want to hear how they increased the quality of their ingredients; they want to hear how they decreased costs and sold more units. End of story.

So if you like paying for food that tastes like a scientist made it (oh wait, they did!) and you don’t mind feeling deprived and malnourished all day, then slap your forehead with a sticky note that says “SUCKER” and keep buying that nonsense.

But if you want to see real results that last, then scrap the processed “diet” food, and adopt an actual diet of REAL food!  Why must we make everything so complicated?!  Since when did scientists get to dictate the food chain?

Look, there’s some dirt, and it grows food. Eat that food.

Oh and hey, a cow grazing in the grass. Imagine that!  Eat that cow.

If you want real results, stop lining up for the snake oil.

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

6 thoughts on “Your Diet Food is Making You Stupid

  1. Judy Crawford says:

    I don’t get why cigarette companies have to label their packs with health warnings, but do we see that on processed foods?? Perhaps that needs to be the next step. Seriously, I’m astonished at the crap I have fed my family for years and been so lead on by marketing labels and such. Hopefully we will all wake up to the fact that we are killing ourselves with the “foods” we eat.

  2. heidi says:

    i have a friend who’s baby wouldn’t stop screaming one afternoon and on into the evening. my friend couldn’t understand why her newborn was so upset. she thought back to what she had eaten that day, (since she was breastfeeding) and remembered having a box of lean cuisine for lunch, but figured that it was chock full of so many vegetables, there was no way it was hurting her baby’s tummy! then the baby pooped. and the baby fell silenty asleep, finally relieved of pain. when my friend changed her baby’s diaper, the poop looked and smelled distinctly like the sauce in her lean cuisine meal. chock full of vegetalbes? my ass. chock full of disgustingly artificially flavored toxic crap, is what it is.

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