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I’m often asked what health-related books and resources I recommend. So here is a list of my personal library favorites that have shaped why I eat and exercise the way I do!   Click on the image or the title to find out more!

Little Sugar Addicts by Dr. Kathleen DesmaisonsEvery parent and teacher should read this book. It’s a heavier read due to the scientific nature but it’s well worth the slow reading!  Dr. Desmaisons’ breakthrough research proved to the world that some people (kids and adults alike) have bio-chemical differences that leave them more vulnerable to the effects of sugar. Depression, fatigue, hyperactivity, emotional outbursts…all of this could very well be linked to a sugar sensitivity.  Reading this book transformed our son’s life and his ability to focus, make good decisions, and lead a calmer life.
Skinny Bitch by Rory Friedman and Kim Barnouin

I don’t necessarily agree with everything in this book (I’m fine with eating animal products so long as they are ethically raised and slaughtered) but it’s still a great read (if you can handle their trucker mouth!).  The book uncovers the gross reality of conventional farming and food practices with funny, casual girlfriend banter. You will enjoy reading this book!

Thrive Foods by Brendan Brazier

A vegan professional athlete who has single-handedly changed the conventional nutritional practices of athleticism.  No more white pasta and potatoes carb-loading before a big race! Even if you’re not an endurance athlete, following the guidelines (and recipes!) in this book will have you feeling better than ever before! I started with his 2-week plan and no longer needed coffee, stopped craving sugar, and my skin was amazing! Today, I use all of Brendan’s Vega products (protein powder, superfood smoothie mix, etc) and whole-heartedly believe in their quality and effectiveness.

  Sugar Nation by Jeff O’Connell

This is a MUST READ for anyone with Type 2 Diabetes and also for those of us who think Type 2 Diabetes is reserved for only obese people. This author’s personal story of fighting Type 2 Diabetes (while being tall and skinny!) provides a journalistic review of why sugar is the biggest culprit of today’s health problems.

Hungry For Change
Forks Over Knives
Food, Inc.
  The Fresh 20 Meal Planning Subscription

For just a few bucks a month, The Fresh 20 provides a diverse and healthy meal plan (including a detailed shopping list and simple step-by-step instructions) every week!  I opted for the Vegetarian meal plan but they also offer a Classic and Gluten-Free option. My only complaint with the Vegetarian plans is that it uses too much tofu (which we rarely eat).

  Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook by Tosca Reno

As many of you know from my guest post on her blog, I love Tosca and all her Eat-Clean books!  This is my favourite because I eat mostly vegetarian and the recipes are fantastic! Check out her other Eat-Clean Diet books if you are learning how to “eat clean”. Some of them even have shopping lists and ways to set up your kitchen for success. Find them at your local library or surf to her site for some free, printable resources.

  Delicious Living’s Recipe Page
  Spilling the Beans by Julie Rosendaal and Sue Duncan

A beautifully photographed cookbook with both meat and meatless recipes that help you get more beans in your diet. And plenty of desserts, too!

  Oxygen Magazine

Even if you find the models too muscular for your liking, the contents of this magazine will help you achieve the body of your dreams! Clean eating tips, healthy recipes, and effective workouts for every level, Oxygen is one resource that I know I can trust from front to back (except all the awful diet pill ads — just ignore those!).  And remember, building strong, lean muscles is what will get you THIN and FIT. Being “skinny fat” (skinny but squishy) is for cardio junkies! No thanks!

  Making The Cut by Jillian Michaels

This intense program is meant for those people looking to lose the last 10 pounds. It’s demanding, requires gym access, and involves a lot of dietary changes. Although I started training with kettlebells shortly after doing this 30-day challenge (which has transformed my body more than anything else), Jillian rocked me!

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Natasha Kay

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