What’s Your Vision?

As part of Domestica’s Fitness Train Challenge, each Passenger is expected to complete three bonus challenges for each week during the 12-week Season.  I post these weekly challenges on our Facebook page and invite anyone to follow along and try it for themselves!

The themed challenges differ from week to week, but whether they are nutritionally, physically, or emotionally based, one thing remains: they get us thinking about how to improve our diets, our outlook on life, our self-confidence level, and our perceptions of health.

In Week 3, we created our Vision Board — a collage of images and quotes that inspire us to get healthy and fit.  Here is my Vision Board that now hangs prominently on my fridge, reminding me of what’s truly important: clean foods, a healthy and long-lasting body, and a healthy mindset that inspires me to live the best life possible!

What motivates you? A snapshot of yourself when you were healthier? Images of fit women?   A picture of you at your largest? (Although that makes me want to go run and eat a pint of ice-cream, I hear there are people out there like this!).

What pictures and quotes motivate you to make one more good decision today?

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay