Cut the Bull: A Domestica-Approved Shake Supplement

Yesterday, we talked about the ever-growing marketing scam better known as Visalus.  Although I believe real food is the best way to great health, I also understand the need for a nutritional boost, like shake supplements.

Personally, I opt to have a real breakfast in the AM (usually my Morning Oats Goulash) and then reserve a nutrition shake for my mid-morning snack, if necessary.  Having just a shake for breakfast leaves me too hungry and prone to binging on something unhealthy later in the morning.  Having a shake in the mid-morning gives me a little boost (instead of more coffee!), gets a few fruit servings in for the day, and provides a tasty and simple way to up my daily greens.

My shakes are typically made with fresh or frozen organic fruit, almond milk or water, a few cups of greens (like kale or spinach), a cup of ice, and a scoop of Vega’s Energizing Smoothie powder.

I’m not a spokesperson for Vega (although at the rate of how many people I’ve converted to customers, I should be!) but I will say that Vega is the plant-based nutrient powerhouse that Visalus claims to be — but without any of the toxic additives or chemicals. And higher quality ingredients, to boot. Oh and unlike some companies (“ahem…cough…VISALUS….cough”), Vega will actually TELL YOU what they’re ingredients are!  Imagine that!

Just like everything in health and nutrition, REAL food is your best bet.  Quick fixes are too-good-to-be-true marketing ploys that just want your money. If you really want a supplement, use something that’s plant-based, lacking any man-made or GMO ingredients, and void of any artificial sweeteners. You’ll pay more for the product but you’ll be healthier than ever. If you can’t afford high-quality shake supplements, then I have one simple solution for you: don’t use any of them!

Opt for real food, in proper quantities, and you’ll be just fine. We don’t really need meal replacement shakes.

Of course, if you’re doing strength-conditioning, you do need post-workout protein so if you can’t afford a good quality protein powder (like Vega’s Sport Protein), try getting 15-20 g of protein in a cup or so of non-fat Greek yogurt immediately after your workouts. You get the easily digestible protein (without the fats that will interrupt the digestive process) and although it might not be as optimal as a protein shake, it’s still better than a protein powder full of garbage ingredients that are sabotaging your efforts to be healthy!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

21 thoughts on “Cut the Bull: A Domestica-Approved Shake Supplement

    • Natasha (Domestica) says:

      Not entirely sure on that one, Lindsay. I know there are some “natural flavors” that are just fine but there really isn’t enough regulation on this yet. But if you just eat whole (real) foods, you won’t have a problem. Easier said than done, of course! 🙂

  1. Dora Throckmorton says:

    I love my COMPLETE nutrition shake – made from whole foods – available through Juice Plus+ !!!!

  2. Ellie says:

    Hi! I realize this post was created a while ago, so hopefully you see this!! Have you ever tried Sun Warrior rice based protein powder? If you have, or have heard of it, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks! 🙂

      • Ellie says:

        Hey, thanks for responding so quickly! I think I’m going to give both Sun Warrior and Vega a try. Just FYI, Sun Warrior will send you free samples if you ask them to ! 🙂

    • Joni says:

      Yes, I’ve used the Sun Warrior – it is a great product and when blended with spinach/banana/blueberries, it’s virtually tasteless. Recommend!

      • Charnell says:

        Thanks! Just read it! I appreciate your blog…and as a former Visalian booted and ex-communicated due to standing behind friends having side effects, I feel alot better about the organic choices I am now making!

  3. Jacob says:

    It’s funny that people who have a problem with Visalus have another product to push on people. I looked at both product ingredients and they are the same. I’m not sure where the person writing the article was looking for product info. All products have to put their ingredients on the package.
    I’ll tell you the difference in the 2 products Visalus understands the OBESITY epidemic and are willing to out their money where their mouth is. They are donating their product to stomp out obesity. Hopefully Vega follows their examples.

    • Natasha (Domestica) says:

      I’m sorry you misunderstood the blog post. My intention is not to “push” Vega, it is simply to provide readers with alternatives after I was so clear about why Visalus is a poor option. I’ve also been known to recommend TerasWhey and other organic protein supplements, which you will find all over the pages of this blog.

      And to be absolutely clear, you are completely wrong about the products being the same….Vega doesn’t use soy, doesn’t use artificial sweeteners, doesn’t use cheap oils, etc etc etc. Visalus does. There are plenty of worthwhile companies who have quality products, not just Vega, but this is the one that I personally use and trust so I have no problem recommending it to others.

      • Mark Blanton says:

        Trained safety and health protection authorities have concluded from [the scientific] database [on sucralose], that sucralose is a safe food ingredient that can be safely consumed for a lifetime. The paper also notes that these expert independent evaluations resulted in “no limitations for use by any population subtypes,” and, for example, is “safe for use by children and people with diabetes.”

        V. Lee Grotz, Ian C. Munro. An overview of the safety of sucralose. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 55:1-5, 2009

        • Marion says:

          I only just read this comment…….. However, regardless of my support for the usefulness of Visalus as a tool for removing millions of pounds of North American blubber, and now in Europe, I feel very strongly about ‘reports’ on the efficacy of any product/ingredient by ScientificTeams. Sadly, today, Big Pharma spends hundreds of millions of dollars to get these seemingly honest reviews and findings leaked into the community and so I rarely trust a word they say. There are so many snide comments on this page, not just about Visalus but about the Founders. Does anyone believe that with all the knowledge, facilities, research, and money, these guys would feed Vi Shakes to their own children, or to their parents and relatives, if there was a concern about the ingredients being harmful? Four million meals donated to undernourished and ‘at risk’ kids who are now thriving in school due to increased levels of attention. This is of mega importance. Vi is truly working for disadvantaged people and there are millions in the U.S – shame on you if you do nothing to help. Blogs and warnings happen while sitting at a computer. They only help those sitting at a computer.
          Visalus is here to do a job! It is taking weight off, including mine. It is educating people about eating sensible meals with fresh fruit and vegetables as part of the daily food intake. It is positively freeing people of medication for diabetes (do a YouTube search for Visalus and diabetes) You can also search for Visalus and kidney disease, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, arthritis, and whatever else you are concerned with. Many of the causes, but not all, are related to diet and fat. You will find success and failure stories …. true of anything you can name but benefits are far outweighing disadvantages and more and more doctors are actively promoting Vi Shakes.
          Don’t get me wrong, I believe some of Natasha’s points about various products and ingredients are valid but, as I said elsewhere, not everything is suitable for all blood types and America has a huge diversity of blood types and origins. You really do need to understand your own and what it can and can’t tolerate. However, I’m not too sure why Visalus has become the focal point of her campaign to discredit one company. Let’s have some equity here and try to tear apart each of the other weight loss companies. How about HerbalLife, now copying much of what Visalus does because they are losing money, due also to an ongoing investigation into their sales practices. Cambridge Diet has been around for over 40 years….. .How many people have been poisoned by that one? You will receive more poison from your weekly grocery shop.
          Sorting out blood ph balance? …. that’s fairly easy. Take a half teaspoon to start, then gradually increase to one teaspoon, of Bicarbonate of Soda or baking powder a day in water. It’s completely harmless and produces an alkaline condition where nasties won’t develop or thrive.
          Don’t be frightened by blogs. The one thing that fat people need to do is get rid of the fat. After that, a healthy fresh food, sugar free, diet. That means getting off your butt and shopping for proper food and cooking it. Use oats where you can to replace flour….. and you can blend it to make it finer. Buy a bread machine instead of buying ghastly over-sweetened bread. I know it’s challenging to find good quality organic food in the U.S. It drives me crazy when I visit but it’s getting much the same in England.
          None of this mess regarding healthy living is our fault. It has been created by the greed of big corporations who have made us greedy for the wrong foods. So, if you are fat (and I don’t hide that word with more palatable descriptions for the 30lbs excess I still need tose) do whatever you can afford to do to achieve weight loss. The body has a great immune system and can repair itself when it no longer has to worry about slimy yellow fat. Finally, you still have your own access to ‘discrimination’ and it comes from within and not from within someone else’s experience or blog. That is your greatest tool.
          Vi Crunch to replace supermarket cereals and great with added fruit as a meal. Nutra Cookies as a delicious between meal snack or a meal with fruit … love the chocolate ones and the peanuts. Both sweetened with Stevia.

    • Natasha (Domestica) says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Not the first time I’ve been asked this question! Here is what I’ve said in the past about Shakeology:

      I looked into Shakeology ingredients and I’m impressed. It looks like a good whole food replacement shake. That said, I think the stevia is slightly misleading since the first sweetener listed on their ingredients is “non-GMO fructose”…but hey, at least it’s non-GMO! But fructose is the most damaging of sugars (artificial sugars notwithstanding) since our bodies don’t use fructose for anything and it is treated as a toxin and shunted to the liver immediately (like alcohol is). And with 9g of sugar per serving (in the Chocolate one), it’s quite a bit higher than Vega’s 2g of sugar (in their Chocolate meal replacement shake). But all that said, I would think Shakeology looks healthier than most the meal replacement shakes on the market today.

      Once you get a product with decent ingredients, the next issue is to find a company that uses high-quality ingredients. So the first step is to find products that use ingredients you agree with and the next step is to find a company that you trust and believe are using top quality ingredients in their products. One of the best ways to tell is how much the product costs. If it’s cheap, they are most likely using cheap ingredients. Next red flag would be any product that’s mass-produced — so if Wal-Mart or Costco is carrying the product, it might be a good indication that the company is using cheap ingredients in order to fulfill such high demand.

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