Domestica’s Fitness Train :: Season Three

Domestica’s Fitness Train has bonded dozens of women, from all over the world, in their plight to a healthier version of themselves. We shed tears, we shed lies (some we didn’t even realize we had been believing!), and of course, we shed pounds! Over three hundred pounds, in fact!

But instead of me gabbing about it all — here are some quotes from the Passengers themselves:

“I can’t tell you how motivating this challenge has been for me as well as the introduction of Clean Eating — I have never felt more in control and motivated.”

“This group has stirred up a primal need in me to learn all I can about nutrition. I am reading as much as I can, I am excited, shocked and fire up all at the same time.”

“I am really enjoying being connected to other like-minded people, since no one in my circle is all that keen on wellness.”

Needless to say, the Fitness Train has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me and I’m humbled at how much it has accomplished in the lives of others. So as former Train “Passengers” began calling for a Season 3, I evaluated what could be done differently to make this season even better.

The Fitness Train started organically and keeps evolving as we learn more about what works and what doesn’t work.  Season 1 was a gruelling 20 WEEKS (which we quickly learned was WAY too long!) and it also taught us how important it is that the teams start together and finish together — no Passengers added half way through. Season 2 also brought the element of “teams” and we had 30 women participating as they battled for their own personal ranking and the ranking of their teams.

Season 1 also taught me how important it is that each woman feel recognized and that no one falls through the cracks. So in Season 2, I spent countless hours pouring into each woman’s life as much as I could. Watching and responding to every video submission, reviewing and critiquing daily food journals, responding to nearly every wall post, and even calling some women on the phone, just to check in. As much as I had placed good leaders in each team to diffuse some of the group moderation, I tried to build a personal relationship (and accountability) with each woman. In fact, I even made the trip to Victoria and Vancouver, BC — where many of my Season 2 Passengers live — to host free bootcamp and kettlebell classes and “clean” dinner events. For me, the Train is about lasting personal relationships, not just some faceless online chat forum where you can go vent your scale frustrations (although we do that, too!).

But now to be completely blunt (as if that surprises you!), I have to admit that Season 2 was a lot of work.  I don’t charge participants (despite the fact that thousands of online health coaches charge a monthly fee for similar services) because for me, this has never been about making a financial profit. But let’s be realistic — no matter how much I love the Train and all it’s doing, I still have to balance my duties as wife and mother, which always come first, and my other life responsibilities.

So here’s the thing: as much as I would love to have every Mary, Jane and Jill take part in this Challenge, it would come at a price that I’m not willing to pay.  In addition, I’ve learned that having people who aren’t 100% engaged and ready for this Challenge, dilutes the overall experience for everyone else. It’s frustrating to have fellow Passengers who don’t log their food, make excuses for why they can’t do simple challenges, or worse, get upset over being called out.  That type of attitude defeats the whole purpose of the Train and it’s important that anyone interested in joining understands what we’re all about.

So what are we all about?

The Fitness Train provides an uplifting and encouraging place where women can set health and fitness goals, grow in knowledge, and find accountability from other like-minded women. It’s a place where you can gently correct a fellow passenger because you know that every other Passenger cares about your success and will call you out, too. It’s a place where you’ll think twice about bailing on the gym because you know you have to admit it to the rest of the group. It’s a place where you’ll find new motivation to train harder and eat cleaner because you can celebrate your victories with a supportive network of other women cheering you on. It’s a place where you can be honest about your defeats and know that a dozen other women are there to pick you back up.

In light of all this, and to preserve the magic of the Fitness Train, I am announcing some changes for Season 3. Pretty big ones, actually. There’s no easy way to say this — because I know some of you are going to be disappointed — but instead of the usual open-ended invitation, Season 3 will be an exclusive opportunity offered to a select number of Passengers who are fully committed and in a place in their life where they can give 100%. In an effort to make this as fair as possible, the Season’s Team Roster (and access to our private Facebook group) will be based on a priority lottery.

Let me explain…

Domestica’s Fitness Train Guidelines

    • Each Season will last for 6 weeks.
    • There will be a one-week open call prior to the start of the Season, where those interested in participating can submit their Passenger Application, which includes a PROMISE that they will give 100%, are ready to fully commit, and are willing to have their MyFitnessPal food journal open to all teammates.
    • I will randomly select 15 women (sorry, men are not invited at this time) to participate as Passengers, based on the following lottery structure:
      • 1st Drawing: All those who successfully completed the Season prior (i.e. successfully completed Season 2 and would like to do Season 3). “Successful completion” means they did not quit or get kicked out of the group.
      • 2nd Drawing: All remaining applicants.
    • Moving forward, in Season 4 and beyond, the lottery will be as follows:
      • 1st Drawing: All those who successfully completed the Season prior (i.e. completed Season 3 and would like to do Season 4). “Successful completion” means they did not quit or get kicked out of the group.
      • 2nd Drawing: All those who did not earn a spot in the prior Season but have completed all the weekly challenges on their own by following them here on
      • 3rd Drawing: All those who were not a part of the last Season but have successfully completed a prior Season (i.e. applying for Season 4, did not do Season 3 but successfully completed Season 1 or 2).
      • 4th Drawing: All remaining applicants.

While we’re talking fine print, there are two ways to get kicked off the Fitness Train:

    1. The 2 Strikes Your Out Rule.  Everyone has one “gimme” for missing their weekly submission (a quick online form that requires you to report on the past week’s exercise and eating). Life happens and I get that. But if you miss more than one, you’re out. No questions asked. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. Not because I want to be a jerk but because this preserves the integrity of the group and keeps each Passenger fully accountable.
    2. The 1 Strike Your Out Rule: using hurtful words, swearing, or negative behaviour.  Having a bad day is one thing but calling names or being overly critical of another Passenger is NOT allowed. Ever.

The benefit of me working with no more than 15 Passengers per Season means:

    1. I will be able to actively coach and support each and every Passenger; critiquing your food journals, offering specific exercises to try, and giving practical encouragement for your specific situation.
    2. Only seriously committed Passengers should apply. Taking one of the coveted spots means that you are committing to doing every challenge and logging your food every day (in MyFitnessPal, where we can all see your food journal). We all have seasons in our lives where we simply have too many responsibilities to fully engage in something like the Fitness Train — and that’s okay.  For others, they have temporary physical limitations, or they’re simply not ready to take on a physical and emotional challenge like this. And that’s okay, too. But with limited spots available, I want each spot to go to people who are ALL IN.

But don’t fret! Even if you don’t get a spot on the Team Roster this Season, I will be running the Seasons back-to-back every six weeks and I will also be fully integrating my blog.  So instead of only posting the weekly challenges in our private Facebook group, I will post them right here on (but for the record, all personal Passenger information and challenge responses will remain in our private Facebook group). So whether you’re an official Passenger or not, you will have access to all the Fitness Train weekly challenges, lessons, and Domestica tips and like the lottery rules say, if you manage to tackle all the challenges on your own, you will receive priority enrolment for the next season!

Now for the details:

Domestica’s Fitness Train :: Season 3
Monday, October 22 – Sunday, December 2, 2012

Deadline for Passengers Applications
Friday, October 19, 2012

Team Roster Announcement
Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ready to apply? Fill out the Season 3’s Fitness Train Passenger Application Form by Oct. 19, and good luck! APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.

Domestically Yours,

Natasha Kay

15 thoughts on “Domestica’s Fitness Train :: Season Three

  1. Colleen says:

    Good luck to everyone who enters! I will not be able to join 😦 due to carpal tunnel surgery on the 18 th which will knock me out of the physical requirements for at east 6-8 weeks. However, I will be following along thru logging my food and will be able to use a bike at the gym (don’t have to hold on) so I will be ready for the next train ride! Choo ! Choo! Ladies hold on for the great ride and have fun xoxoxo

  2. peacelovejustine says:

    Natasha – I accidentally chose the “yes” option to the question about being a successful FTC veteran.. I think it’s pretty clear that I wasn’t a participant, but just wanted to give you a heads up!

  3. Adrianne says:

    Hi Natasha,
    I am going to follow Season 3 via your blog (missed the opportunity to apply) and apply for Season 4. I need a major kick in the butt! I guess you can only join the fitness train if you have facebook right? I don’t at the moment, but suppose I could create an account specifically for this. Thanks for doing this, it’s awesome!

    Oh and Ive also loved your last few posts (When your best isn’t enough & When there’s nothing left for yourself) – great food for thought. Thanks again!

    • Natasha (Domestica) says:

      We’d love to have you join for Season 4! Yes, you need FB for the private group we use…but you could have a mock account that is only used for this (and not connected to anyone!). 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback and for dropping in to say hi!! I’m excited to have you follow along on the blog!

  4. Mallori Burnett says:

    HI Natasha,
    So I actually just ran across your blog today as I was reading the success story you posted tonight about Kaylee. I wish I would have found your blog earlier as that story really hits home. Pin points me to a T!! Time for a serious change! I would like to start following your weekly challenges to the best of my ability and possibly apply for season! Thanks again!

    • Natasha (Domestica) says:

      You were meant to find my blog this very moment — perhaps you weren’t ready to hear that until now?! But now you know that you’re not alone — and that it’s possible to change! Go get it, girl!

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