{video} FTC.3 — The Rules of Fitness Train Challenge, Season 3

As outlined in my previous FTC.3 post, the Passenger deadline has come and gone. There’s only one problem; 21 people applied and 16 of those were Season 2 veterans…which means that all 15 spots would go to Season 2 veterans, leaving no room for any newcomers! Not to mention the one poor sucker from Season 2 who would draw the short stick and not get a spot with all the other veterans!  Drat…so much for my well thought-out lottery system!

So I decided to make a few big changes to the format of this Season which will make the administration much easier on me, allowing all 21 applicants a spot on the Train!  Some of these changes I talk about in this video, others will be communicated directly to this Season’s Passengers.

On that note, I’m proud to announce the FTC.3 Team Roster:

Returning Season 2 Veterans

Dorina B.
Lisa A.
Kari T.
Erin S.
Renee W.
Lisa S.
Latoya F.
Jaime S.
Kathy J.
Larissa O.
Lynda R.
Vanessa D.
Tracey S.
Judy P.
Sarah P.
Heidi S.


Latoya A.
Lelita B.
Justine T.
Elizabeth G.
Karly S.

Ladies! Let’s do this!!

If you’re on the Train, or just interested in following the weekly challenges, watch this video where I explain the changes and introduce the main resource we’ll be using this Season to help us create not just a “diet”, but a truly healthy relationship with food.

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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  1. Judy Crawford says:

    easypeasylemonsqueezy!! lol…….awesome video Tash, love love love the fitness challenge this season! CHOOCHOO!! Bring it on!

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