{video} Food Rules: Week 1

As part of Season 3 of the Fitness Train Challenge, you can follow along with us as we improve our relationship with food and ultimately, lose weight and get fit!

Each week, we’re focusing on three of Michael Pollan‘s Food Rules that apply to weight loss and healthy body weights.

Week One
Rule # 54 : Eat Less
Rule # 55 : Stop Before You’re Full
Rule # 69 : Order the Small

How can YOU apply these rules to your life this week?

3 thoughts on “{video} Food Rules: Week 1

  1. Natasha C says:

    This is awesome that we can follow along without actually being in the challenge!! So yesterday I ordered my usual caramel americano, but afterwards realized they didn’t actually put the caramel in it! And you know what? My first thought was, “I don’t actually need that sugar anyways” and enjoyed is with a little milk! YAY PROGRESS!!! 🙂

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