{video} Food Rules Week 3

I don’t know about you, but I sure ate a lot more apples this past week.

Fitness Train Challenge :: Season 3 :: Week 3 Food Rules

Rule # 61: Serve the Vegetables First
Rule # 62: Eat Slowly
Rule # 45: Eat All the Junk Food You Want as Long as You Cook It Yourself


Now remember, we still have caloric goals to reach — but the idea is to not indulge on junk food unless you make it yourself. It’s a lot harder to make junk food than it is to simply buy it!

Also, with four weeks left, what one thing will you cut out of your life for the rest of the challenge?  We have one Train Passenger who, after cutting down from 20 cigarettes a day (at the start of the challenge) to just 5 a day, has taken the plunge and today threw out her cigarettes forever. Even after just two weeks of cutting back, she has already been able to run further and is seeing the immediate impact smoking was having on her body.  GO LISA!!

For me, my commitment over the next four weeks is to cut out all grains. Grains are not necessarily bad for everyone but I know they affect me. Going cold turkey is the only way my body can feel and operate the best so I will be cutting out all grains for the next four weeks in hopes that I can reintroduce a few of the good ones (i.e. steel cut oats) after the four weeks are over.  Having them completely out of my system will help give a better indication of whether my body can handle these “better” grains or if I just need to say goodbye for good.

What will you omit from your life for the next four weeks?  Chances are, you already know what it is because we all have that voice in the back of our head telling us that we really “shouldn’t” eat that thing, drink that thing, do that thing, etc. Will you listen to it today?

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

3 thoughts on “{video} Food Rules Week 3

  1. Judy Crawford says:

    This is a great video!! Hope that tooth fairy dropped a load on ya, Jack lol………this has been a battle for me for years and years, eating slowly. I would shovel!! I know it’s from years of shift work, and then being a single parent with 3 kids I was always feeding one (disabled foster daughter) and myself at the same time. Trying to get dinner done, then out the door for someone’s activity. Grocery shopping was a nightmare for the most part. Once the kids were in school or at daycare program I would shop then. I just wish I had known all that I do now. Oh my, enough rambling lol :o)

  2. Mallori Burnett says:

    I’m commiting to give up junk food! I have such a bad habit of binge eating that I can’t but give it up cold turkey! No more pop, juice, candy, etc! I love your blog!!

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