{success stories} Kaylee Stops Pretending and Loses 75 Pounds

Kaylee Norton changed her fridge — and her life followed!

AGE: 34  HEIGHT: 5’5”  WEIGHT BEFORE: 210 lb  WEIGHT NOW: 135 lb
LOCATION: Comox Valley, BC, Canada OCCUPATION: Personal Trainer
WORKOUT SECRET: Using a weight vest for an extra challenge during HIIT training

Seeing Clearly
It took reaching 210 pounds for Kaylee Norton to hit rock bottom and admit that she was hiding treats all over the house, sneaking food while out running errands, and eating her way through the feelings of depression that came with every bite. Vowing to change her ways for good after coming clean to her husband, Kaylee lost the first 50 pounds through diet and exercise and then set her sights on what seemed nearly impossible – competing in a bodybuilding competition.

More than Pounds
Admitting she had a problem was the first step in what would become a life changing journey. A journey that would not only change her physique but radically transform Kaylee from the inside out. As every pound came off, she shed years of negative self-thoughts and discovered the extra pounds weren’t the only thing holding her back from achieving happiness in life – not believing in herself was taking an even greater toll.

Thinking Right
By using positive visualization as a way to clean out the negative, Kaylee was finally able to shake off her low self-confidence. “Every night, I’d clear my mind, say a few affirmations, and visualize myself on stage with a trophy in front of a cheering crowd,” she recalls. “It was so incredibly powerful that I still practice positive visualization every day.” After months of dedication, the nightly visualizations became reality as Kaylee stepped on stage of her first bodybuilding competition to accept the 2nd place trophy in front of cheering friends and family.

Making Changes
Becoming a health advocate to those around her helped Kaylee realize she was more passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals than she was about her career in finance. Two years after starting her weight loss journey, Kaylee became a certified Personal Trainer and opened her own training business. “By changing the way I care for my body, I’ve not only changed the way I think of myself but also how I think of my life choices. I came face to face with the things that were making me unhappy and I finally felt empowered to do something about it.”

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  1. Mallori Burnett says:

    This story hit home with me tonight on a level that I have never experienced before. Like I’m not the only one out there that has this problem! Thank you so much!

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