The Dangers of Aspartame

Are you still drinking diet soda and living in la-la land where aspartame is totally fine to consume?

Everywhere I look, people are ignorantly allowing themselves to be fooled by pseudo-science while strengthening their personal addiction to a poisonous substance and forking out their hard-earned dollars for another “hit”.

I have a number of readers and Fitness Train Passengers who have seen the light and fought hard against their aspartame addictions. Ask them what it was like to feel like a zombie while their bodies purged the toxins from their system, to be physically ill in the days after cutting aspartame from their diets, to have their brains intensely rail against them with cravings worse than that of quitting smoking for weeks after cutting out the aspartame, and how once the withdrawal period was over, they suddenly felt like they were no longer living in a haze all the time.  You can ask them how once they finally kicked the intense addiction to daily diet sodas, chewing gum, and artificial coffee sweeteners, the fog they had been living in suddenly lifted and their incontinence issues (yes, even as young as 35 years old!) suddenly disappeared. Cancer, brain disorders and diapers, people! That is what is waiting for you if you drink diet soft drinks and eat aspartame-riddled franken-foods (i.e. nearly every “diet” product on the market).

Aspartame is a classic example of how the organizations who are supposed to protect our food supply are being manipulated through greed and deceit. There’s a buck to be made and nothing’s going to stop those who want to make it. In the case of the multi-million dollar aspartame industry, there’s about 600 million reasons every year.

The FDA loves to give one line: “Aspartame has been safely consumed for more than a quarter of a century and is one of the most thoroughly studied food additives.”  They claim that any long-term studies on aspartame (all of which have shown that ASPARTAME CAUSES CANCER) are invalid because they ran longer than the two-year standard established by the United States government’s National Toxicology Program. So let’s get this straight…you’re saying that any long-term study, which more accurately mimics the daily habits of a diet soda drinker than any short-term study ever would, is not accurate because it went on too long?

KNOW THIS: Every aspartame study that governments use to justify the safety of aspartame in our food supply is two years or shorter in length — most I’ve come across were closer to six months. How long have you been drinking aspartame? I’d bet it’s longer than six months!

Now the science community will say that a rats life is shorter than ours so that is why they do studies that are no longer than two years.  But Dr. Soffritti, a cancer researcher in Bologna, Italy, completed a seven-year study on aspartame and after seeing the results, was inspired to focus on aspartame because of what he calls “inadequacies” in the previous cancer studies which have shaped our approval of aspartame (mainly done in the 1970’s by aspartame’s own creator, G.D. Searle & Company — yeah, that sounds legit…). He said that those studies did not involve large-enough numbers of rats and did not allow them to live long enough to develop cancer. “Cancer is a disease of the third part of life,” Dr. Soffritti said. “You have 75 percent of cancer diagnoses for people who are 55 years old or older. So if you truncate the experiments at 110 weeks and the rats are supposed to survive until 150 to 160 weeks, it means you avoid the development of cancer at the time when cancer would be starting to arise.”

So the rats were safe from cancer for the first two-thirds of their lives…but most humans are, too!  So are you sure you want to bet your life on the fact that the cancer they developed in the last third of their life won’t apply to humans? Doubtful.

And with every study eliminated before it has the chance to really show the effects of daily aspartame consumption, the millions of dollars sold every year rings another “cha ching, cha ching” in the pocketbooks of those who now work for companies associated with aspartame profits, many of whom also happened to be part of the approval process in the beginning. For example, the FDA’s Chief Counsel submitted a thirty-three-page letter in 1977 to the U.S. attorney Samuel Skinner recommending a grand jury investigation into G.D. Searle “for concealing material facts and making false statements in reports of animal studies to establish the safety of aspartame.” This was the first time the FDA had ever recommended a criminal investigation into a manufacturer. In response, Sidley & Austin, the law firm representing Searle (and aspartame), began job negotiations with Skinner (who was currently leading the investigation into Searle!) and hire him for themselves. Sketchy or what?! Skinner’s job change stalls the grand jury proceedings, the statute of limitations for prosecution expired, and Skinner landed his new (sweet) job with the very law firm he was supposed to be fighting.

I could sit here all day and rant about this topic but instead, I will simply direct you to some great resources. Stop being ignorant about something as serious as your life and read them. Yes, this is life and death. This is cancer and we know cancer kills. Cancer is not a fluke accident. Yes, some of us have a  genetic disposition to it, and that sucks. But it doesn’t mean we’re destined for it. When we take care of our bodies, our bodies take care of us.

The Real Deal on Aspartame:

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

2 thoughts on “The Dangers of Aspartame

  1. Liz says:

    Well said, Natasha! I totally agree with everything you said.
    I don’t understand why anyone would want to eat something that isn’t a real food or a real sweetener.
    Aspartame is a chemical made by man to create dollars to help fill the aspartame moguls million dollar plus pockets. They don’t have the public’s interests at heart, only their own greed and deceit.
    I wonder if the aspartame moguls chew gum and drink diet soda?

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