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So when I’m not critiquing America’s health crisis or swinging kettlebells in the gym, I can often be found roaming through the home of a senior citizen and thumbing through all their personal belongings, in search for treasures that I can sell.  No, I’m not into B&E’s…but I do love me some estate sale shopping!

California is great for estate sales because people tend to live here their whole lives…no one wants to leave California! And when you live in the same house your whole life, you can bet that some amazing vintage gems get tucked away in the garage and forgotten about.

Which is how I found these:

Me and my vintage 1950's Grasshopper Luggage Set during the Thanksgiving holidays. First time being used -- by anyone!

Me and my vintage 1950’s Grasshopper Luggage Set during the Thanksgiving holidays. First time being used — by anyone!  Sweet score for eight bucks!

And this:

Vintage First Aid Kit

Vintage First Aid Kit – for sale in my Etsy store!

And even this:

Vintage Wool and Mink Coat

Vintage Wool and Mink Coat – cost me more to dry-clean the old lady smell out of it than it did to buy it! I won’t be giving this one up anytime soon!

To see some of the great vintage pieces I’ve sourced, check out my Etsy Store, {Domestica’s Vintage}!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay


One thought on “Estate Sale Love :: DomesticaVintage on Etsy

  1. I have a fantastic red wool coat (from Paris, no less and oh la la!) that I scored at Value Village. Like you it cost me much more to get the smell out by drycleaning, but so worth it! I’ve revved that coat up with a black/white paisley scarf and a nice big black belt, or have just worn it as is … great with jeans, dress and boots – it goes with everything!
    And it always draws compliments.
    Great score, Tash!

    Posted by Liz | December 6, 2012, 6:27 pm

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