India, Three Men, and a Lawn Mower

Imagine This: You have a baby. Everything appears to be healthy but once your child is born, the doctor tells you that your baby needs a dose of medicine to save their life and it will only cost $250. Nothing would hold us back from finding that $250! Even if we didn’t have it sitting in the bank, most of us could easily sell a few of our possessions and find the money without much of a hassle. And for those fortunate enough to have the social health care system of Canada or Hawaii, you wouldn’t even need to find the $250 — the government would freely pay to save your child’s life!

But in many third world countries, $250 USD is like winning the lottery. And if someone’s baby is born with a cleft lip, they know that their inability to find that money will leave their child to a lifetime of being an outsider — unable to eat properly, speak well, or maybe even get a job. But unlike us fortunate first world residents, these parents don’t have possessions to sell or $250 set aside for a rainy day. They have a hard enough time just finding the money to feed their families.


Enter Smile Train. By partnering with surgeons in over 85 countries and raising donations from around the world, this worthy organization has changed the lives of over 850,000 children with plans for another 125,000 surgeries in 2013!

So what does Smile Train have to do with India, Three Men, and a Lawn Mower?

Glad you asked!

Enter: my crazy, adventurous big brother Ben.


Other than the gift of being Adam Levine‘s doppelgänger, my bro has a slew of talents. In fact, I don’t know very many people as naturally talented as him and who also have an incredible determination to keep adding more abilities to their repertoire. In his mid-30’s, Ben is a gifted guitar player, skilled mechanic, sharp marksman, incredible drummer, military Private, crazy drift car racer, avid reader, and fantastic singer/songwriter. Just to name a few.

halloween-cardboard2This is the MacGyver you bring your first motorcycle to, when you’ve crashed it into five separate pieces, because you know a drill, some zap straps, and a can of spray paint are all he needs to make it as good as new (not that I like to admit to personal experience on that one).

This is the guy who, at 5:35 pm on October 31st, laughs at you for thinking your 3-year-olds are too young to trick-or-treat and makes them hilariously awesome costumes with nothing but a roll of duct tape, cardboard boxes, and a few LED lights.

But there is one other thing you should know about my brother, Ben. He’s crazy. Like, certified insane kinda crazy. No, the doctors haven’t caught up with him yet to give him his official diagnosis but they don’t need to. Only a crazy person would light his sister on fire.

Yeah, he did that.

And only a crazy person would want to travel 3,500 km across India in a 150cc, 2-stroke, 7 horsepower, three-wheeled Tuk Tuk. But yeah, he’s doing that, too.

My car has 197 horsepower.

The average gas-powered lawn mower has around 8.

But Ben and two of his friends will embark on an epic 2-week adventure across completely foreign land in India’s version of a 7-horsepower taxi.

Although bragging rights alone would be enough to warrant this epic journey, Ben and his Three Canucks in a Tuk Tuk team are also raising funds for two very worthwhile charities, Smile Train and Frank Water.

Be A Part of The Adventure

ben_jackJack and Liam have been going door-to-door in our neighborhood selling their paper airplanes, raising money for Smile Train, as part of their Uncle Ben’s adventure. It made me realize how we, as adults, think that if we can’t give something like $100, it’s no use giving anything at all. But Jack and Liam, in their beautiful childhood innocence, know and believe that every five bucks counts. Because it does!

Would you consider doing the same? Whether for Smile Train or Frank Water, I know Three Canucks in a Tuk Tuk would appreciate your support! But not nearly as much as the children whose lives will be changed forever because of your generosity.

Donate Today!
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Click here to donate to Frank Water

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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  1. Hawkins says:

    Awesome video! Might as well travel on a lawn mower, huh? I would personally prefer one of those riding mowers that Craftsman makes. Much more comfy, and packs a little more power than that “rickshaw” in the video..

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