{Success Stories} Kathy Loses 255 Pounds in ONE YEAR!

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Kathy is dishing out her fair share of it here but you can also read how Kaylee beat a food addiction and traded obesity for fitness competitions!



AGE: 33  HEIGHT: 6’1”  WEIGHT BEFORE: 440 lb  WEIGHT NOW: 185 lb
LOCATION: Surrey, BC, Canada OCCUPATION: Homemaker
SUCCESS TIP: Cut junk food out of your life cold turkey, especially if you’re dealing with a food addiction. Find healthy alternatives and never look back. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Feeling the Effects of Obesity
Beginning her 30’s while weighing in at 440 pounds, Kathy knew she was spending the prime years of her life in a state of debilitation. In addition to the constant physical pain of carrying so much weight, her body showed the effects of poor health through a weak immune system, constant fatigue, recurring bladder infections, and the list goes on.

With young children to care for, Kathy’s obesity was not just taking a toll on her life, it was robbing her of a life worth living. She couldn’t get on the floor to play with her kids because it was too painful, or near impossible, to get back up. Like many people who feel hopeless in the face of obesity, she found a way to ignore the facts and spent each day in a state of survival instead. Paralyzed by the overwhelming task of losing so much weight, she turned to junk food as emotional comfort and her weight continued to climb.

Tired of the Pain
One clear day, Kathy decided to make the 12-minute walk to drop her daughter off at preschool instead of driving. Just a few minutes out, the pain in her knees became so great that she was forced to turn around and hobble home. As she made her way back, in agony from the sharp pain, Kathy knew that enough was enough. She was tired of being in pain. She was tired of making excuses on the sidelines while the rest of her friends and family lived life!

Plan of Attack
Knowing she has an all-or-nothing personality helped Kathy set a successful course of action for losing the weight quickly. She knew she didn’t want to take five years to regain her health slowly, she wanted it now! After meeting with her doctor, a personal trainer, and a nutritionist, Kathy started a strict diet paired with an aggressive workout schedule. She hit the gym six days a week, twice a day and alternated between strength training, high intensity boxing workouts, and steady state cardio. She surrounded herself with encouraging people who believed in her.

It would hurt. It would ache. At times, it would even be embarrassing since she couldn’t complete a workout without modifications. Despite being one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do, she also knew that none of it would hurt as much as seeing her daughter’s concerned look when she turned around to get the car that fateful day. Kathy was tired of being ashamed of herself and wanted her kids to have a mother to be proud of.

No Pain, No Gain
Being afraid of the gym was not an option. Kathy tackled her workouts with as much effort as she could give, accepted her trainer’s challenges with no complaints, and refused to be ashamed for needing substitutions to most exercises. She forced herself to believe that it was only a matter of time before she could do the workouts fully. When negativity would try to overwhelm her, as it often did, she refused to give in to the self-pity and replaced it with positive thoughts instead.

During Kathy’s first week of 30 Minute Hit, a high-intensity interval-style boxing routine, she could barely get back up on her feet from the floor exercises. Surrounded by fit chicks, Kathy had every reason to say, “I’m too big for this” or “I’ll try this when I’m not so heavy” but she didn’t give in to the self-sabotage. Instead, she made sure to be the most dedicated member of the gym, never missing a workout, and pushing herself further than she ever thought capable.

I was fortunate to meet up with Kathy last year and go through one of her HIIT boxing workouts. It was no joke! Yossi, the owner of 30 Minute Hit’s women’s only gym in Surrey, B.C., made sure I got a killer workout within the 30 minute circuit. Despite my super fit frame, I still needed modifications just to make it through a few of the movements and I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for Kathy at 440 pounds.

Eating for Fuel
Kathy learned quickly that killing it in the gym was a waste of time if she was going to keep eating the same as before. In addition to her dedicated workouts, she vowed to change her family’s eating habits, cook more at home, and find healthy meals that they all enjoyed. Armed with a meal plan and a shopping list, Kathy found that being fully prepared with all her snacks and meals made it easier to not give in to the temptation of eating out or ordering pizza.

Although I often recommend changing out one bad habit at a time, many people suffering from obesity need to take more drastic measures. When dealing with food addictions, there is no room for “treats”.  Kathy immediately cut out all junk food from her house and her life. No cheats. No treats. Like an alcoholic can’t have “just one”, she knew that until the weight was off, she needed to be 100% committed to eating clean.

Now that Kathy is fit, healthy, and loving life, she does have a few cheats here and there. The past year has retrained her thinking about what a healthy diet looks like and she no longer feels controlled by food. Instead, she eats to fuel her new rockin’ bod full of lean muscle and views cheats as cheats — not rewards.

Playing on the floor with her kids is no longer a problem but Kathy certainly didn’t stop there! With a healthier body and a new lease on life, she’s gone zip-lining with her daughter, hiking with her family, and even jumped from the 108th floor atop the Las Vegas Stratosphere! None of which she could have done if she hadn’t made the decision to keep powering through every workout, remaining true to her new (clean!) eating habits, and above all, refusing to compromise. When most people are making excuses for why they can’t, Kathy proved that you most definitely can.

Congratulations Kathy! You are an inspiration to me and many others!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

7 thoughts on “{Success Stories} Kathy Loses 255 Pounds in ONE YEAR!

  1. 2blu2btru says:

    What an inspiring story! Kathy’s arms are amazing and she looks great. Congratulations, Kathy!

  2. Lisa M says:

    What an awesome story! Way to go, Kathy. You’re dedication and commitment to a better healthier life paid off. The one thing I took away for me personally is to cut junk food out completely.

  3. Smantha says:

    I can’t even imagine the dedication it takes to lose 250 pounds. I’m struggling to lose 30. Truly an inspiration. 🙂

  4. Lucie Zakarian says:

    As one of Kathy’s very close friends, I watched her before and watched her go through her daily life struggling. As a friend I really was worried about her and her future, her kids future…
    She put her mind to a change and I watched her take off with determination, She truly took her life and turned it around without ever looking back! I cannot even remember the person she was. Everyday I see her take on new challenges and concur them with NO FEAR. She has taken control of her life and signed up for a new one.
    An Amazing person with an amazing story.
    I cannot be more happy for you Kathy and your family too. ❤ ❤ ❤ xoxo

  5. Sharon says:

    I am one of Kathy’s aunts. I can’t tell you how proud I am of her and the progress she has made. The change in her in both mind and body because of the weight loss is amazing. Proud of you Kathy. Love Auntie Sharon (PS: let’s see if you can beat me on the Grouse Grind now!!!!)

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