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“What’s in your gym bag? Are you using gadgets while you work out?”

~ Carrie


Hi Carrie! Good question.

So there is definitely a time for just hitting the trails, no music in your ears, and soaking up the world around you. But when I work out, I’m there to get the job done. And that’s that.

I start gearing up as soon as I get to the gym. I often think my gym bag is like a clown car…things just keep coming out and the women around me must be wondering when the heck I’ll stop pulling out gadgets and gear. But I am very intentional about the gear I bring into the gym.

My Fitness Gear


iPod Nano
My 6th gen Nano is small and clips to anything. Music helps me tune out the other distractions in the gym.

Newsflash gym-babes: Chatting about exercise is not the same as actually exercising! 

Skull Candy Ink’d 2 Headphones
It’s been said that in-ear headphones can cause ear infections due to the sweat build-up but I don’t want to work out with clunky headphones so I just try to wipe them dry every so often throughout my workout.

I opt for the Ink’d 2 model because they fit my freakishly small ears (yes, they stopped growing when I was 3 and I’m not sure why…) and it’s nice that they have a volume/track remote on the cord. They are also cheaper than most other options but have a lifetime warranty that means I can swap them out for new ones if they die on me (which has happened once in the last 3 years).

My go-to counter for when I do Tabata or other short-burst exercises. With the vibration option, I know when to start/stop even when I’m listening to music.

I know there are apps and timers for your iPhone but having a phone with you while working out is clunky and distracting. I’d rather use a $20 gadget that clips to my clothing than my $800 iPhone!

LuluLemon All Sport Bra *Heart Rate Monitor
Late last year (before our #nothingnew resolution!), I picked up this new release from LuluLemon (which it seems they’ve discontinued now). This bra is so much better than wearing a heart rate monitor chest strap! You just clip your HRM transmitter right onto the bra and off you go.

Polar HRM Ft40F Heart Rate Monitor
This watch wirelessly communicates with the transmitter on my chest. It provides my heart rate and how many calories I’ve burned. This is helpful in making sure I keep my heart rate elevated (therefore burning more calories per minute) and also motivates me to push harder on those fatigued days when my body is tricking me into thinking I’m working out harder than I actually am.

It slays me when I hear someone say they burned 1,500 calories on the elliptical machine because that’s what the shoddy read-out or some internet calculation told them. Sorry, unless you’re busting your tail on there for hours, I highly doubt it. Get an HRM if you want truly accurate calorie burn calculations — heart rates don’t lie!

4″ Tennis Wrist Guards
Wrist guards are essential for protecting your forearms during kettlebell training, especially when first starting out. Although my form is good enough now that I can do most exercises without the protection, they are still helpful when working with heavy kettlebells. No matter how nicely I snatch a 45-lb bell or clean a 65-lb be, after 100 reps, it’s nice to have a little buffer!


My Fitness Attire

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my workout clothing. In life, I strongly believe in investing in quality over quantity and workout attire is no exception. It might feel like a giant rip-off to spend $100 on a pair of LuluLemon crop pants but if you know they will last you five years (I still have a pair of LuluLemon yoga pants from 2005!), it’s much better than spending $50 a year on poorly-made versions that don’t look or feel nearly as good!

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Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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  1. Kristi says:

    So sorry, I just can’t help myself. When you said quality over quantity I couldn’t help but wonder if you were going to say, a great bra and underwear are all you need! Ha ha forget all those needless layers.

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