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Ask Domestica: What’s a Typical Workout For You?


“Hi Natasha, I’m wondering what your typical workout looks like! Can you give me specific examples?” ~ Lindsay


I get this question a lot! I’ll start by saying that most people at the gym stare at me like I’m some sort of fitness Nazi. I’ve had complete strangers stop to ask me where I get my workouts, what I’m “training” for (um….life?), and the best one, to say “I’m tired just watching you!”

While most of my fellow gym-goers are working at about 25% of my exertion rate, it’s not a shocker that I’m far more fit than they are. But what surprises most people is that I spend way less time in the gym than they do!

I have been working out for over fifteen years but only in the last two have I truly honed in on the best type of workout for my body and personality type. I’m sure that will continue to morph and change as the years go on but I finally feel like I know how to best use my exercise time for maximum results.

(Editor’s Note: If you haven’t figured that out for yourself yet, I recommend you read my recent Ask Domestica reader question, What Type of Exercise is Best For Me?.)

For me, I hate cardio and I rarely (if ever) touch a machine at the gym. Whether it’s the weight-training machines or one of those god-forsaken treadmills/ellipticals/stairmasters/blah-blah-blahs, I don’t touch ’em. I believe that our own bodies are the best form of weight-training and I use minimal equipment in my workouts. I’m good with a jump rope, a set of box jumps, and a chin-up bar. A rower/erg or a spin bike is the closest I’ll come to a cardio machine.

So what do my workouts actually look like? Come with me and I’ll walk you through a typical hour in the gym on Leg Day!


7:00 am – Arrive and gear up!

2 minutes of two-handed kettlebell swings at an easy warm-up weight (45 lbs)
2 minutes of alternating one-hand kettlebell swings at an easy warm-up weight (26 lbs)
1 minute of alternating single kettlebell swings at 1/2 max weight (35 lbs)

25 Goblet Squats @ 1/2 max weight (35 lbs)
-30 second rest-
25 Goblet Squats @ 1/2 max weight (35 lbs)
-30 second rest-
25 Goblet Squats @ max weight (70 lbs)
-30 second rest-
25 Goblet Squats @ max weight (70 lbs)
-30 second rest-

Box Jumps
15 jumps @ 18″
15 jumps @ 24″
-30 second rest-

REPEAT for a total of FOUR ROUNDS

Wall Sits
60 Seconds on, 15 second rest

REPEAT for a total of FOUR ROUNDS

Air Squats
50 Fast – no extra weight

Cool Down and Stretch
10 minutes on Spin Bike
5 minutes stretching

7:50 am – down a Vega Chocolate Sport protein shake and head home!


You may notice that I don’t do split squats or your typical lunges. That’s because my knees just don’t like them and I don’t find my leg routine is lacking without them. I also don’t do calf work because my calves are genetically awesome (wish my arms were like that!). Again, you have to find the routine that works best for YOU!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay


2 thoughts on “Ask Domestica: What’s a Typical Workout For You?

  1. I want to know what you do on arm day! I love my legs, but my arms have always been my area of shame!

    Posted by adriannesoundslike | May 15, 2013, 11:32 am
  2. I love this pic!

    Posted by Jennifer | July 18, 2013, 3:08 pm

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