Nothing New: September in Review


Buying nothing new for the past nine months has been both freeing and sobering. As I shared in the early months of our resolution, it was freeing because we found ourselves (and our children) released from the subtle but damning clutches of consumerism. In more recent months, we’ve been sobered by the fact that up until this resolution, we were paying full pop when nearly everything we needed could be found for a quarter of the original price tag. We can’t even imagine going back to buying everything new because it would seem absolutely foolish!

New in September

This past month, we did buy a few new things. Shelves for our garage, landscaping materials (rock, mulch, etc), and supplies and tools for some home projects. In hindsight, if we had been more prepared, we could have sourced all of those items from Craigslist. Shame on us!

“Old Things” in September

One highlight from this past month was being in the thrift shop last week when a woman came up to me, looked me up and down and with what seemed like an assumption that Goodwill isn’t my preferred shopping venue, says to me: “Is this your first time here, too?” After nearly laughing out loud (because I go to Goodwill three times a week), I kindly told her that no, this is not my first time. She then says, “oh, well, I heard there are new things here. Where can I find the new things?” and then with a certain sound of disdain in her voice, says, “I don’t want old things.” I smiled and explained to her that any new things (i.e. Target overstock items that still have tags on them) will be mixed in with the secondhand items and that she just has to explore to find them.

She didn’t seem very impressed with that answer!

Part of me is satisfied that she took one look at me and thought of me as some kind of kindred spirit (“she doesn’t belong here with all these old things!”) but the other part of me is a bit annoyed that people still think buying secondhand is akin to being a hobo. But their loss is my gain! Keep buying new, lady! I’ll profit from your over-spending when your garage is so full with stuff that you give it all away and I find it on the thrift store shelves with all that “old stuff”!

Eventually this amazing vintage china set will hit my Etsy store but for now, I'm enjoying it! The next picture is to show my new (to me!) leather jacket! I've been waiting patiently for a long time for this!

This amazing vintage china set will eventually find its way to my Etsy store but for now, we’re enjoying it! The next picture was taken at the airport where we said goodbye to my father after his recent visit. I’ve been patiently waiting for a long time for that leather jacket!

#NothingNew September Savings:

    • Repairing Tim’s bass amp instead of using it as justification to buy a new one.
      Savings: $400
    • Buying a name brand leather jacket at a consignment shop instead of new.
      Savings: $230
    • Secondhand jeans for the ever-growing boys.
      Savings: $20
    • Using free plants (from our neighbor) and working with the plants we already had in order to finish our landscape design.
      Savings: $70
    • In preparation for the boys’ 8th birthday party (which you’ll hear about in October’s review), I sourced secondhand LEGO Chima Speedorz on Craigslist. They weren’t even open! I bought it in the back of a parking lot, but I digress…
      Savings: $20
    • Finding a secondhand dress for a special event instead of buying a new one.
      Savings: $50
    • Vintage Mid-Century Modern Atomic Design everyday china found at Goodwill (25 pieces for $30).
      Savings: $250 (Just one dinner plate of this design is selling on Etsy for $20!)

Total September Savings: $1040

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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