Nothing New: October in Review


Secondhand Halloween

October is the one month where other “normal” people venture into the thrift stores. Although they are only there to save a few bucks on their Halloween costume, I always hope they’ll see that shopping secondhand can be lucrative in everyday life, not just for gimmicky costumes!

Of course it goes without saying that I am all about sourcing our Halloween costumes at thrift stores and every year, our family tackles a team costume. Last year we were Super Mario Bros. & Friends, with the boys re-using costumes they already owned, me sourcing a Princess Peach costume off of Craigslist (and any excuse to wear my patent pink Nine West pumps…well, that’s a no-brainer), and Tim’s Bowser costume, albeit a real challenge, we managed to source the materials from thrift shops and my craft supplies.

This year, we got the idea to be the coaches from The Voice when Liam announced that the hairstyle he had been working on for months was an effort to look like Adam Levine (apparently he saw the trend of Adam being pegged as “Sexiest Man Alive” before the rest of us did…).


Knowing that Liam’s tall and lean body was similar to Adam’s, all we needed were a boatload of tattoos to complete his look ($10 — new because they are considered “consumable”). Jack, on the other hand, required quite the get-up as Cee-lo Green. This is where secondhand shopping saved the day. Where else can you find a velour track suit and plenty of gaudy, mismatched bling?

We found an old velvet dance costume ($7.99) and I did my best version of sewing to turn them into super baggy pants. Of course, my version of sewing is more like “hack & sew” — plenty of free-style cutting with little to no measuring (evident by one of Jack’s pant legs being 3″ longer than the other…mother would not be proud). I then used a woman’s animal print velour bath robe hemmed up to be his size ($5.99), a black afro ($8) and some cheap gold sunglasses ($1.29) to complete the look. My Xtina costume came together nicely when I found a mini formal gown for $12.99, a pink boa for $3, and a blonde wig for $2.99 (guess I should have kept last year’s…). I did have to buy the microphone new (from Target’s dollar section) but bedazzled the thing myself with glue and glitter we had in the boys’ craft bin. Tim only needed a cowboy hat to transform into Blake Shelton (that in itself is kinda scary), which I also found at a thrift shop for $2.99. The total cost for all four costumes was about $60.


Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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