White Lies to Children: How To Break The News Like a Boss

To follow up from my ridiculous parenting fail (and then success, and then fail, and then success…) in surviving the facade of Santa with my 8-year-old twins last Christmas, I want to share an article I wrote last year for Chatterblock.com. If your child still believes in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and/or Santa Claus, I highly recommend you read on!

When The Truth Comes Out

boy-tooth-fairyFor some of us, a waking child catches us blindly navigating under their pillow with tooth in one hand and a dollar in the other. Or perhaps it is the result of a morning spent in tears as we fail at convincing our child of the logistical explanations for why Ms. Tooth Fairy couldn’t make it to our house last night. And yet for the lucky ones who have perfected our Tooth Fairy ninja skills, consistently manage to set our reminder alarms, and always have correct change, reality eventually creeps in and steals a child’s fanciful notions of a tooth-hauling pixie fairy fluttering from house to house leaving nothing but shiny coins and trails of glitter in her wake. But regardless of how it happens, we all know it will happen; surely I’m not the only parent who has feared the backlash that comes when the truth is eventually exposed and our sweet little babes discover that we’ve been lying to them.

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