Upcoming Review: California’s Great America Theme Park in Santa Clara, CA

Tim and I once made the critical mistake of telling our 5-year-old twin boys that we would go to Legoland while in San Diego for a wedding. After weeks of anticipation, the day came. And it poured rain. I mean, SHEETS of rain.

While trying to explain to our sad little boys why we wouldn’t be able to go to Legoland, I suddenly realized why my own father would often pack the six of us into the car without any indication as to where we were going, only to answer our nagging navigational questions with his standard response of “I don’t know! Ask the car!”

While the rain washed away our only free day before heading back to Northern California, Tim and I saw no other option but to suck it up and drive to nearby Disneyland, where the rain was a light drizzle. It would be Tim and the boys’ first time experiencing the magic of Disneyland and they loved it. Although it’s true that I now have to hold Tim back from buying seasons passes (and making us all wear matching Disney track suits), the reality is, getting to LA from the Bay Area is a long day of travel (8+ hours) and not something we can do often. Thankfully, the Bay Area has our own world-class theme park — California’s Great America!

CA_Great_America_rocks_fountain_carousel_2008California’s Great America has been around since 1976 and I was surprised to find out that my parents visited the park while on their honeymoon that same year. Although they were on a road trip, it’s interesting to think of my parents honeymooning in what is now my “hometown”! I’m looking forward to taking them next time they come for a visit! Of course, with the boys finally being tall enough for most the adult rides (like Gold Striker, a wooden roller coaster with the longest initial descent tunnel on any coaster ever!), Tim and I are excited to go explore this 100-acre theme park (and water park!) before the summer is out! Since Tim says thrill rides make him nauseous now (read: he’s getting old!), it will be up to me and Liam (who is tall enough for ALL the rides!) to hit the aggressive thrill rides, like the suspended jet coaster Flight Deck which takes you over 50 mph!

Just thinking about roller coasters and thrill rides makes me giddy and I’m curious to see how this park stacks up to the others we’ve visited around the world! But of course, when the kids ask us where we’re going, I’ll still tell them to ask the car.

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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Disclaimer: My family has been offered four free day passes to review California’s Great America theme park. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own (as always!).