Stop Making Things So Complicated with Domestica’s Best Body Basics!

As a Precision Nutrition Health Coach, people come to me for help in fixing their broken diets. They are overwhelmed by all the “do this”/”don’t do that” advice and just want a professional to tell them exactly what to do! Of course, they’re not alone. In fact, I’d guess that most of you reading this have similar problems with achieving and regulating a healthy body weight.

While it’s no secret that a Health Coach can help you effectively carb cycle, time your nutrition (i.e. the exact moment to drink that protein shake), learn the ins and outs of intermittent fasting, or tackle the slew of other extreme diets, these extreme approaches to weight loss (or gain) only account for about 5% of people (pro athletes, body builders, etc). For the rest of us, there is a much simpler approach to regulating one’s body weight!

So before you get carried away with timing your protein shakes, weighing your food, or logging every single calorie, I suggest going back to the basics with Domestica’s Best Body Basics. Chances are, it’s all you need to get the body you want!



Best Body Basic #1: Water

It never ceases to amaze me how some people can go an entire day without drinking a single glass of water! This is like death to your cellular structure — the very same cells you are hoping will shuffle around and burn off all that extra fat around your butt! I promise you this: you can eat a meticulous diet and exercise until you’re blue in the face but if you’re suffering from mild dehydration, your metabolic system will not function properly and you will not see great results.

Domestica’s Tip: Stick to only water throughout the day until this habit becomes second nature. Once you’re water intake is adequate (2.2 L for women, 3 L for men), allow yourself 1 other liquid of your choice (i.e. coffee) but continue to monitor your water intake.

Best Body Basic #2: Nutrients

Studies show that we are all suffering from nutrient deficiency — even those of us with awesome diets. All the exercise in the world won’t help if your body is in crisis mode because it’s lacking in vital nutrients.

Domestica’s Tip: Take a good multivitamin and fish oil supplement every day. I personally use the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Women’s Multivitamin* and Nordic Natural’s Ultimate Omega D3*. 

Best Body Basic #3: Portion Control

It should come as no surprise that portion control is one of my basic measures for regulating ones body weight. But what does portion control really mean? Calorie counting? Weighing food? Eating tuna straight from the can at 9pm because your macros weren’t good enough that day? Well yuck, that all sounds horrible.

Domestica’s Tip: Precision Nutrition has a simple and effective way to help you eat the right amount of each macronutrient without using tedious (and often ineffective) approaches like calorie counting. Try this for one week and watch your waist line shrink! 


For Women (click to enlarge)


For Men (click to enlarge)


Best Body Basic #4: Exercise

If there is any place for extremism in my list of basics, it’s this: move every day. I mean, really move. Although Pilates, walks in the park, and other forms of mild exercise are important (for example, they help balance your stress hormones which can greatly impact your health goals), it’s also crucial that you regularly burn calories and build muscle if you want to reach your goals.

Domestica’s Tip: When in the process of losing fat and/or adding muscle, exercise 6 days a week with 2 HIIT workouts (short bursts of intense exercise, typically about 20-30 minutes long), 2 endurance cardio workouts (i.e. run or run/walk for 30-60 minutes), and 2 strength training workouts (upper and lower body). Once you reach your goal and enter into maintenance, 3-4 days a week is usually sufficient.

As I said earlier, for 95% of people, this is all you need. Develop these four habits and watch your body change for the better — both quickly and safely!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay


Domestica_avatarNatasha Drisdelle (aka Domestica) is a mom of twins, baby-weight survivor, and health & fitness 
blogger who lives in California’s Silicon Valley. She posted her before-and-after pics on the immortal 
internet as living proof that morphing into a gelatinous baby-growing-factory doesn’t have to mean your 
bikini days are over. 

You can find her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, cutting through the myths and guilt that keep 
women from realizing true health.


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