High-Fat Ketogenic Diet {Week One Summary}

When I realized that my high-fat diet (50-60% fat) could be playing a major role in the improvement of my hormones (specifically, PCOS), it was a total no-brainer to go all-in with a ketogenic high-fat diet. After reading Leanne Vogel‘s book, The Keto Beginning, I’ve spent the past week experimenting with a daily goal of 70% fat, 15% protein, 15% carbs.


Below each day, you can click on the listing to my food journal for exact details on what I ate. Important to note that I follow a schedule of Intermittent Fasting because it makes me feel good. I start eating around noon but I have my Keto Cinnamon Mocha in the morning (decaf + 1 tbsp coconut oil + 1/2 tsp cinnamon + 1/2 tbsp raw cocoa powder + 1/8 tsp Himalayan sea salt). I also love posting photos of my meals on Instagram so if you’d like to know what my diet really looks like, follow me!

Day 1 – 137.6 lbs

My Food Journal
Sleep: 8 hours
Calorie Intake: 973
Calorie Burn: 512
Macros: 66/16/18 (fat/protein/carbs)

Daily Discoveries:

I’m so. freakin. full. Let it be said that eating 973 calories in one day is NOT okay. But I have heard that when eating this way, your body will go through waves of hunger and satiety and that it’s important to not sweat the caloric number. I’ll tell you one thing: listening to one’s hunger cues is a lot easier when you’re not dealing with sugar and carb cravings.

I need a quick snack before leaving the house but realize the oh-so-delicious GoMacro bars have way too many carbs. I eat 1/4 of it and give the rest to my kids. Darn, I love those things. I open the fridge and ask myself, “what has the most fat in here?” and end up frying shredded Brussel sprouts in 1.5 tbsp of rendered duck fat with a bunch of Himalayan Sea Salt. Yum, yum, yummy! If this is my new “diet”, I’m committed!

Then this happened:

I’m still awake at 9pm! Lately I’ve been crashing hard at night and I’m fast asleep by now.

Day 2 – 136.4 lbs (down 1.2 lbs)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 7 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,927 (making up for yesterday!)
Calories Burned: 375
Macros: 63/14/23

Daily Discoveries:

Ate my son’s leftover eggs instead of fasting this morning (no way I’m throwing out $1/piece eggs!) and then taught a 20-minute Kettlebell Snatch Workout.

Noticing that some of my hunger cues are actually thirst cues. Drinking more water.

Crap, I ate a lot of nut butter today. Not good for keeping carbs down but just so yummy.

Had company over and was going to just have one sip of wine (to be polite) but then he brings this amazing bottle of 2006 Zinfandel. It’s practically the best wine I’ve ever tasted. Is it merely sugar withdrawal talking?

Cheated with dinner (feta, quinoa, sweet potatoes, maple syrup, butter) and feeling it right away. Bloated like crazy! Most likely the sweet potatoes.

Day 3 – 136.0 lbs (down .4 lbs)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 8 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,975
Calories Burned: 401
Macros: 71/10/19

Daily Discoveries:

Hit kettlebell class and promptly wonder why I’ve done this to myself. Always good to be trained by someone else once in a while! Afterwards, it was weird for me to not have a protein shake.

Brussel sprouts are kind of high in carbs but I saved last night’s very buttery Chateaubriand red wine reduction shallot sauce and sautéed them in that. Then added 2 tbsp of Bitchin’ Chipotle sauce, an awesome Paleo-friendly sauce made from almonds and with a high fat, low-carb macro!

Didn’t finish my dinner (pork breakfast sausage) because I couldn’t eat one more bite! This is so weird! I have never felt this way.


Day 4 – 136.0 lbs

My Food Journal
Sleep: 7.5 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,754
Calorie Burn: 225
Macros: 67/20/13

Daily Discoveries:

Morning hike in the hills. So important to get outside in nature on a weekly basis!

Super stressful day with homeschool. But oddly enough, none of the usual stress-related cravings show up.

Can tell that my body responds to the stress with fatigue. Early to bed.

Day 5 – 135.6 lbs (down .4 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 8 hours
Calorie Intake: 2,471
Calorie Burn: 492
Macros: 73/11/16

Daily Discoveries:

Feeling more hungry than usual this morning so have two Keto Coffees instead of my usual one.

Discovered I’m not a fan of pork belly. Ravenous at lunch and low on options. Devoured a LOT of nut butters and nuts before heading for a hike.

Wine tasting party with friends. I won’t be that person so sipped my wine and stuck to the keto-friendly snacks. Salami, prosciutto, olives, tapenades, spinach dips — there was actually quite a lot for me to choose from! At one point, I was using slices of salami to scoop up gobs of spinach dip…it was awesome. This is a DIET?! Better yet, I realized that after eating my keto-friendly foods, I had little to no desire for the flatbread pizzas, crackers, cheese balls, and other carby snacks that would typically have me drooling. Nice!

Day 6 – 135.4 lbs (down .2 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 7 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,571
Calorie Burn: 0
Macros: 66/11/23

Daily Discoveries:

I am SURE that I will step on the scale and see weight gain after all the food I ate yesterday! 2,400 calories is a lot of food even if you aren’t eating 70% fat! I am SHOCKED to see that I’m down AGAIN. Is my scale broken or what?! Measure myself because this just seems too good to be true and yep, I’m down everywhere. No wonder my jeans are feeling loose.

Family Day lunch out. Tim suggests Greek food since that will probably be the most in line with my diet. Great idea! I basically gorge myself on deep-fried zucchini, gyro meat and a fried egg slathered in béchamel sauce, and splurged on a few french fries dipped in mayo.

Day 7 – 134.0 lbs (down 1.4 lbs — I literally laughed out loud and checked three times)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 9 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,146
Calorie Burn: 257
Macros: 67/16/17

Daily Discoveries:

Strength-based kettlebell workout.

Feeling a bit of mild dehydration lately — chapped lips, mild headache, and cramps in my calf muscles. Making sure to drink more water but considering I’m down 3.6 pounds in one week, I finally clue in that I’m dehydrated. Note to self: start drinking electrolyte replacement drinks (i.e. bouillon-based broth).

So full and only 1100 calories in. Listening to my body’s hunger cues and not eating just to eat. In this entire week, I have not ONCE been hungry or felt deprived. It’s amazing.


While I expect to gain a bit back once I rehydrate, I know I’ve lost fat. I’m down 4.5 inches and my clothes feel very loose while my body feels tight. Even better is that I feel really good. My energy levels have been much better and my cravings are non-existent. I didn’t even notice that I was off sugar! Usually I crave some form of it on a daily basis and if I ever do a no-sugar cleanse, I’m DYING for sugar the whole time. I realized today that over the past week, I didn’t even think about sugar once! In the famous words of Gordon Ramsay, “wow, wow, wow.”

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay