High-Fat Ketogenic Diet {Week Two Summary}

This week was all about parties. We attended a friend’s birthday dinner and of course, the Super Bowl. Although I am not afraid to be around party food, I also don’t want to be that person that nit-picks about the host’s array of food because of their “special diet”.

I have to say, of all the “special diets” I’ve experimented with, this was by far the easiest one to follow without coming across as a total douchebag. In fact, no one would have known I was on a diet. I was using fatty salami to scoop up mayo-laden spinach dip, for crying out loud! With olives, tapenades, meat trays, and chicken wings to snack on, I was never left hungry, deprived, or feeling left out. Crackers, be damned.


Below each day, you can click on the listing to my food journal for exact details on what I ate. Important to note that I follow a schedule of Intermittent Fasting (because it makes me feel good). I generally start eating around noon and have my Keto Cinnamon Mocha in the morning (decaf + 1 tbsp coconut oil + 1/2 tsp cinnamon + 1/2 tbsp raw cocoa powder + 1/8 tsp Himalayan sea salt).

I also love posting photos of my meals on Instagram so if you’d like to know what my diet really looks like, follow me!

Day 8 – 134.2 lb

My Food Journal
Sleep: 7 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,695
Calorie Burn: 467
Macros: 66/21/12 (fat/protein/carbs)

Making sure to use an electrolyte drink to keep my body hydrated. Last week, I learned that ketosis is a natural diuretic. If your electrolytes are down, no matter how much water you drink, it won’t absorb fully unless you salt-up! I start putting sea salt on everything.

Made coconut oil Fat Bombs for the first time. They were pretty gross. Must find a better recipe!

Day 9 – 134.0 lb (-.2 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 8 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,676
Calories Burned: 209
Macros: 72/17/11

Feeling more hydrated now. Thank you electrolytes.

I’m hungry lately but mostly during the day and then tapering off in the evening.

Day 10 – 134.2 lb (+.2 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 6 hours
Calorie Intake: 2,450
Calories Burned: 347
Macros: 76/14/10

Not enough sleep turned into a really bad homeschooling day which turned into eating at In n’ Out. Despite it being really unhealthy, I managed to nail the macros by not having a bun. Regardless, I can feel my whole body swell shortly after eating it — the thighs of my jeans feel like they’re going to burst and I know it’s a cellular response to eating such crap food. Lesson learned.

Realized that I haven’t had my usual blood sugar crashes at all since starting this diet. It’s not uncommon for me to feel like I’m going to fall asleep at the wheel (in the middle of the day!) and I’ve always suspected that it is a glucose/blood sugar reaction to eating carbs.

I collaborate with my sis in creating the best fat bomb recipe everDomestica’s Almond Roca Fat Bombs.

Day 11 – 134.4 lb (+.2 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 6 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,664
Calorie Burn: 232
Macros: 56/20/23

The boys have a swim team potluck and as I survey all the junk food (Krispy Kreme’s, pizza, Doritos, Oreos, deep-fried samosas, etc), I honestly have NO desire to eat any of it. I am shocked.

Trying a carb-cycling day and adding a bit more carbs than usual. Mostly because we attend a friend’s birthday dinner with a table full of nothing but vegetarians and a menu that’s all family-style sharing plates. I stick to the veggies, avoid the noodles as much as possible, and order my own little dish of butter chicken. I catch myself wishing that they had used more oil as it was kinda of “light”. I did cave to the Roti — which is now my kryptonite.

Day 12 – 135.4 lb (+ 1 lb; thank you carb-cycling!)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 8 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,856
Calorie Burn: 650
Macros: 77/13/10

Definitely feeling more hungry than usual after that high-carb day.

Day 13 – 135.0 lb (-.4 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 7 hours
Calorie Intake: 2,058
Calorie Burn: 0
Macros: 66/13/21

Super Bowl Sunday. I manage to eat so well that it’s hard to believe I’m being restrictive with my diet. It just doesn’t feel restrictive. That said, I did eat too many calories!

Feeling nauseous at bed time. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt this way, either. Not sure what the cause is.

Day 14 – 136.0 lb (+1 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 9 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,499
Calorie Burn: 384
Macros: 69/13/18

Just before bedtime, I’m feeling really nauseous again. This time, it’s worse and I’m sure I’m going to throw up. I do. Bad. I haven’t up-chucked like that in a long, long while. I feel much better as soon as I throw up which reminds me of being pregnant. I take a pregnancy test. It’s negative (thank God). I realize that the few nights I’ve felt nauseous were all on days where I had alcohol. Sure enough, a quick Google search has me learning that when in ketosis, your alcohol tolerance plummets. So even though I’ve stuck to two drinks or less, my body is clearly saying it doesn’t want it! My mother would be so happy.

Week 2 Summary - ketosis

Although I haven’t seen a change on the scale (other than gaining back some hydration!) this week, I can feel my muscle gains and my inches are down. This seems to prove that one can still build muscle and lose fat while following a high-fat diet. Only time will tell!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay


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  1. Vanessa says:

    I see I wasn’t the only one suffering from nausea on Super Bowl weekend! Now it makes sense. This is a great motivation to avoid alcohol!

  2. Adri-Anne Ralph says:

    This sounds like the best diet ever. I can’t do without my fats! And actually my cholesterol levels were low last time I was tested, so I probably need it!

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