High-Fat Ketogenic Diet {Week 3}

This week, I want to talk about the importance of exercise. Many ketogenic dieters brag about how they can lose weight without exercising and while that may be true, I don’t recommend it. The body needs to move. And it needs to be challenged in a way that makes it grow and improve. But whether or not you follow a ketogenic diet, the other vitally important benefit of exercise is that you get to eat more. And for those on a calorie restriction diet (I’m talking to you, 1200-calorie dieters!), that is crucial.

You know what, while we’re on the topic of dangerous dieting, let me just say that the body needs more than 1,200 calories a day to thrive. Sure, you can (technically) survive on 1,200 calories a day, and you will lose weight, but you simply will not thrive on such a restricted diet. The body needs more nutrients than 1,200 calories can give. Worse yet, your metabolism will eventually adapt to that 1,200 calories, forcing you to then lower your threshold again if you want to continue to see results. 1,200 quickly turns to 1,100, 1,100 inevitably turns to 1,000, and before you know it, you have an eating disorder. So while I don’t recommend a low-calorie diet, at least if you’re exercising daily, you can eat back what you’ve burned and still hit your (ridiculously too low and dangerous) calorie limit while providing your body with more of what it needs to function, rebuild, and rejuvenate.

So whether you’re following a classic calorie-restriction diet, a ketogenic lifestyle, or any other style of eating — exercise is absolutely critical to obtaining true and lasting health. For me, I typically swing some kettlebells every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (for high-intensity strength-based workouts), throw in a few 20-30 minute runs and/or spin bike sessions on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (for endurance/steady-state cardio) and take Sunday off to rest. Finding a balance between high-intensity strength workouts and steady-state cardio is a great formula for weight loss and health. But please, for the love of all, do not spend an hour on the elliptical machine unless you enjoy wasting your time!

But back to the task at hand: my third week of eating 70% fat.

I continue to be amazed at how easy this “diet” is. I feel like I’m eating normally, constantly satiated, and have little to no sugar cravings. My body is responding like never before and my energy levels are much better than they were a month ago. Overall, I’m feeling amazing. While those around me are taking weeks to beat this nasty bronchial infection, I kicked it in 3 days. More importantly, my period was one of the best I’ve had in a long while (if by “best”, you mean, this-sucks-relatively-less-than-usual). Albeit anecdotal, the only thing I’ve changed is my diet so I have to think that this means my high-fat diet is truly helping my hormones heal.


As always, below each day, you can click on the listing to my food journal for exact details on what I ate. Important to note that I typically follow a schedule of Intermittent Fasting (because it makes me feel good). I generally start eating around noon and have my Keto Cinnamon Mocha in the morning (decaf + 1 tbsp coconut oil + 1/2 tsp cinnamon + 1/2 tbsp raw cocoa powder + 1/8 tsp Himalayan sea salt).

I also post photos of my meals on Instagram. If you’d like to know what my diet really looks like, follow me!

Day 15 – 135.0 lb

My Food Journal
Sleep: 7 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,640
Calorie Burn: 0
Macros: 67/17/16 (fat/protein/carbs)

PMS bloat, sick with a head cold, and general crappiness. #lovebeingawoman #sarcasm

Day 16 – 135.0 lb

My Food Journal
Sleep: 7 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,927
Calories Burned: 281
Macros: 65/17/18

Day 17 – 135.0 lb

My Food Journal
Sleep: 5.5 hours (ouch)
Calorie Intake: 1,626
Calories Burned: 0
Macros: 60/18/22

Still. so. sick.

Day 18 – 133.2 lb (-1.8 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 6 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,579
Calorie Burn: 234
Macros: 71/14/15

Starting to feel normal again. The PMS and sickness-related inflammation has subsided. I realize that my sugar cravings during this month’s cycle have been really mild — this is NOT normal for me. Victory!

Day 19 – 134.0 lb (+.8 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 5 hours (sick kids…no bueno)
Calorie Intake: 1,494
Calorie Burn: 0
Macros: 73/17/10

Hosting a friend from Switzerland, I shared a donut with her. Still managed to nail the macros. Not something I would do every day (or even every week) but it sure feels nice to not be a slave to a diet. That said, I do feel really bloated that night — perhaps my body is getting even more sensitive to grains now that I’m eliminating them?

Day 20 – 135.0 lb (+1 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 7.5 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,548
Calorie Burn: 0
Macros: 62/17/21

Great macros yesterday but my fiber was way down and judging by the scale, my body was not a fan of the donut. Will now start adding chia and/or flax seeds every day to help with my fiber intake.

I have a bad reaction to Bean and Rice Chips I ate with dinner. Again, this is something I could have had before but now can’t seem to handle it. I think these are classic elimination diet symptoms, where you eliminate things for a few weeks and then reintroduce them to see how your body reacts. I feel like this diet is allowing my body to tell me what it really needs to say — and I’m finally able to listen intently.

Day 21 – 133.4 lb (-.6 lb)

My Food Journal
Sleep: 7 hours
Calorie Intake: 1,605
Calorie Burn: 449
Macros: 60/16/24


Domestically Yours,

Natasha Kay